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Cross-Enrollment, also known as Senate Bill 1914 (California Education Code Sections 66750 through 66756), permits undergraduate students who meet certain eligibility criteria and are currently enrolled in any California Community College, California State University or University of California school, to apply for approval to enroll without formal admission in one course for one term at another campus within those three systems. Approval to enroll through this program is on a space-available basis and at the discretion of the host campus authorities.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who seek to enroll through this program must be certified by their home campus that they have met all of the following requirements:

  • Completed at least one term at the home campus as a matriculated student.
  • Enrolled in at least six units at the home campus during the current term through which they are applying for Cross-Enrollment.
  • Earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (Grade of C) for work completed.
  • Paid the appropriate tuition and fees at the home campus for the current term.
  • Meet California residency requirements as determined by your home campus.
  • Completed the appropriate academic preparation as determined by the host campus.


  1. Choose the course in which you want to enroll.
    View the UCI Schedule of Classes. Course descriptions are listed in the UCI General Catalogue. Some courses may have pre-requisites and/or zero-unit co-requisite sections that may be enforced. Note: If it is Summer or Fall Semester on your home campus, you will attend Summer or Fall Quarter at UCI. If it is Spring Semester on your home campus, you may attend either Winter or Spring Quarter at UCI.
  2. Arrange for academic advising
    Academic advising is available at your home campus only. Please check with your academic advisor to ensure the UCI course you plan to apply for will transfer back to your home campus and count toward your degree.
  3. Verify you have completed the pre-requisites, if applicable, and gather copies of your unofficial transcripts to include in your application.
    Pre-requisite information can be found on the Registrar’s website.
  4. Obtain certification of eligibility requirements from your home campus Registrar and submit to UCI Division of Continuing Education (DCE) Student Services.
    Complete the student portion and course information section of the Cross-Enrollment Application form and submit this to the Registrar of your home campus. If your home campus Registrar is closed to in-person activity due to COVID-19, please contact their office to request review and certification through electronic means, such as email.

    If your application is approved by email, please ensure you upload a copy of this form to your course application in the next step. You home campus may also submit this to DCE Student Services by email to with the subject title “Cross Enrollment”.
  5. Apply for approval from UCI.
    Complete the Concurrent & Cross Enrollment Form. Fall 2021 Concurrent & Cross Enrollment requests will be accepted beginning 12:00pm PDT on Monday, August 30, 2021. Requests are due by 4:00pm PDT on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.
  6. Requests will be reviewed by DCE and the appropriate Department/School.
    Requests may be reviewed from the time the application is available to the second week of the quarter.
  7. If your online course request is approved by the UCI School, complete the payment instructions to officially enroll in the course.
    You will be contacted by email from with the School's decision regarding your request. If you have been approved to enroll in the course, you will be assessed a $46 per-unit fee, along with a non-refundable $10 computer/internet fee. You may also be charged for:
    • Course Material fees (lab, studio)
    • Department fees. The Schools of Information & Computer Science and Biological Sciences charges a $100 fee per course. The Department of Chemistry charges a $200 fee per course.
    • Late fees. The program deadline dates for Cross-Enrollment follow the Academic Calendar of DCE's Concurrent Enrollment program for the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.
    • Campus fee. There is a non-refundable Visitor campus fee assessed for all students enrolling in UCI courses during the Summer Session. Please visit the UCI Summer Session Fees Page for more information.
    Fees are subject to change. Please contact DCE Student Services for more information.
  8. Upon registration, you will receive your DCE I.D. number and information regarding your UCI email address (UCInetID).

Cross-Enrollment students are subject to the same deadlines, drop and refund policies, and services of those registered through DCE's Concurrent Enrollment program. To view more information, please visit the Concurrent Enrollment section of our website.