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Concurrent Enrollment Availability

Registration through Concurrent Enrollment is available during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Please refer to the UCI Schedule of Classes for fall, winter, or spring course offerings.

Please return all required forms and petitions along with payment on or before the deadlines listed on the academic calendar to the UCI Division of Continuing Education Student Services office. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

Concurrent Enrollment Eligibility

Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters

  • Open on a space available basis and with instructor and/or department approval as listed on the enrollment form.
  • Enrollment begins the first week of instruction.
  • High school students interested in taking courses through Concurrent Enrollment during the academic year must complete and submit the enrollment form along with a letter of recommendation from their high school academic counselor to the UCI Division of Continuing Education Student Services office. A recommendation letter is required and dated for the quarter the student is enrolling. UCI Departments/School may require a review of a high school transcript to verify eligibility before approving the enrollment.

Summer Quarter

  • UCI Summer Session is an academic program open to all students and the general public. For more information about Summer Session, please visit their website at, or call (949) 824-5493. The Concurrent Enrollment program is not available during the Summer quarter.
  • Any high school student interested in Summer Session should contact the UCI Summer Session office at (949) 824-5493 or visit Summer Session Open Enrollment for more information.

Questions? Call (949) 824-5414.