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Some courses have special requirements for enrollment or are not available to Concurrent and Cross Enrollment students.


The following courses are not available through Concurrent and Cross Enrollment:

  • Paul Merage School of Business
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine
  • Bio Sci 199: You must be a current or former UCI student to be eligible to enroll through Concurrent and Cross Enrollment.
  • Professional series – Any courses numbered 300 and above.
  • There are additional exceptions by quarter. View the list of unavailable courses through Concurrent and Cross Enrollment by quarter.

Department/School Approvals

The following Departments or Schools will automatically receive your application for review. You will receive a notification of acceptance or denial from the Division of Continuing Education.

Academic English Earth, System, Science Music *
Anthropology Economics Networked Systems
Art * Education Nursing Science
Biological Sciences Elec. Eng. & Computer Science Pharmaceutical Science
Biomed. & Transl. Science Engineering Pharmacology
Biomedical Eng. Eng., Civil, & Environmental Eng. Physical Science (PHY SCI)
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Game Des. & Interactive Media Physics **
Chemistry Informatics Political Science
Chicano/Latino Studies Info. & Computer Science Psychology
Cognitive Science International Studies Public Health
Computer Science Language Science Social Science
Computer Science & Eng. Logic & Philosophy of Science Sociology
Dance * Materials Science & Eng. Software Eng.
Developmental & Cell Biology Mathematics Statistics
Drama Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Writing (40 – 60 only) +

* Courses under the School of Arts with a major-only “L” restriction code in the UCI Schedule of Classes require you to obtain an authorization email from the course instructor before submitting your application.

** Physics courses numbered 100 and above require you to obtain an authorization email from the course instructor before submitting your application.

+ Writing (40-60 only) Applicants to these courses must also sign up for the waitlist managed by the Composition Department. Visit the Composition Program Enrollment page for waitlist information.

Instructor Approvals

The following Courses, Departments, and Schools require you to obtain an authorization email from the instructor to add the course. To locate the instructor’s name, search for the course on the UCI Schedule of Classes. Next, search for their contact email on the UCI Public Directory. If you receive their reply that you are approved to add the course, save this as a file to upload into your application.

  • Courses numbered 200 and above (example: Statistics 210)
  • Individual Study, Independent Study, Special Study, Group Study, Research courses with numbers 197, 198, 199, and 299.
  • Courses numbered 1 - 199 in the Departments:
African American Studies Gender & Sexuality Studies Philosophy
Arabic * German Portuguese
Armenian * Global Cultures Psychological Science
Art History Greek Religious Studies
Asian American Studies Hebrew ROTC
Chinese *+ Hindi Russian *
Classics History Social Ecology
Culture/Theory Humanities Spanish *
Comparative Literature Iranian University Affairs
Criminology, Law, & Society Italian University Studies
East Asian Studies Japanese *+ Urban Planning & Public Policy
English Korean *+ Vietnamese *
European Studies Latin Visual Studies
Film & Media Literary Journalism Writing (40 – 60 excluded)
French Persian *  

* Placement tests may be required for these languages. Visit the UCI Academic Testing Center website to view the requirements and availability by language. Online exams are not available for Concurrent and Cross Enrollment. You must request an appointment by email to testcenter@uci.edu to take a paper version of the test on the UCI campus in person.

+ You must contact the following individuals to schedule a separate oral examination. If you have a previous background in the language, first schedule a placement exam with the UCI Academic Testing Center. Once you have received your placement test results, contact the individuals below to schedule an oral interview. If you do not have a previous background in the language, the placement test may be waived, and you may contact the individuals below to schedule an oral exam and to request to be placed into the first fundamentals courses (numbered 1A) if space is available.

  • Chinese: Ruohmei Hsieh (rhsieh@uci.edu), Lecturer and Chinese Academic Coordinator of East Asian Studies
  • Korean: Hyunyoung Hyun (hhyun@uci.edu), Lecturer and Korean Academic Coordinator of East Asian Studies
  • Japanese: Hidemi Riggs (hriggs@uci.edu), Lecturer and Japanese Academic Coordinator of East Asian Studies

School and Department Websites

These Departments and Schools have additional information regarding concurrently enrolling into their courses.