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Global Leadership Program

Worldclass Training for Worldwide Business.

Leadership has become the one dominant driver for successful businesses—worldwide. The roles of leaders are constantly changing, and strategies need to be quickly modified to compete in our market, especially considering global, political, and cultural issues. As leaders in a fierce global economy, we focus on continually innovating, driving revenue, and gaining market share. It’s just what we do—and we’re programmed to perform like that. And we’re dedicated to working alongside our colleagues and teams to promote and foster collaboration.

The need for disruption and evolution now requires cultural intelligence. And, importantly, the framework for cultural intelligence needs to be established by leaders that can navigate across multiple cultural groups, including generations, backgrounds, geographic locations, and professional groups. Our Global Leadership Program is designed for leaders, like you, that are working to revolutionize your industry. We offer the opportunity for you to invest in programs that create new opportunities to lead a globally diverse workforce. UCI gives you direct access to sessions that are delivered live and online. Our active learning approach will consist of individual assessments, articles and chapters, cases, experiential activities, and planning.



Leading Across Cultures

This course addresses the leadership skills and competencies that are requisite for leading across cultures in a global business environment. Participants will learn from frameworks, principles, and practices regarding how to leverage their cross-cultural business experiences for greater influence and effectiveness across cultural contexts (teams, organizations, regions, countries, etc.).

This course is designed to develop participants’ recognition and understanding of the biases and implicit assumptions about other cultures (ethnic, racial, national, gender, generational, functional/professional, etc.) that often erode value for organizations in global business environments and undermine leadership effectiveness in such contexts. Participants will learn how implicit bias plays a key role in organizations and many decision-making processes driven by global leaders, and how the development of CQ capabilities is critical for limiting implicit bias and its negative impact across global organizations.

Module 1: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Framework

  • CQ Drive
  • CQ Knowledge
  • CQ Strategy
  • CQ Action

Module 2: Global Mindset Framework

  • Psychological Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Social Capital

Module 3: Implicit/Unconscious Bias

  • Costs of implicit bias and the business case
  • Biases and implicit assumptions of other cultures
  • Strategies for minimizing bias as a global leader

Module 4: CQ Development Plan

  • Personal development actions and strategies
  • Team development actions and strategies
  • Leadership Development Journal: Reflections and Application Questions
  • Leadership Development Plan (Leading Across Cultures)

Read article on The Cost of Implicit Bias.


Leading Strategy

Participants will develop their knowledge and skills concerning the role of leaders in developing and executing business strategy in a global context. Participants will learn how to consistently adopt a ‘big picture’ view of the issues and challenges facing their organization in a global context to avoid the ‘silo thinking’ that often obstructs an organization’s capacity for executing strategic initiatives.

This module will introduce participants to frameworks for assessing their organization in the global business environment and develop their skills in considering organizational issues and challenges from multiple perspectives (departments, business units, geographic regions, etc.).

Overall, participants will develop deeper strategic insight into their organization and their role by enhancing their skills in identifying the critical changes in the global business environment that impacts the business.

Module 1: Strategic Alignment Framework

  • Strategic Fit and Alignment
  • Execution versus Learning Orientation
  • Business Strategy and Sources of Competitive Advantage
  • Case Analysis: Netflix, Inc.

Module 2: Strategic Planning in VUCA Contexts

  • PESTLE Sectors
  • Porter’s Five-Force Analysis
  • Environmental Scanning Practices
  • Strategic Planning Practices

Module 3: Learning Organization Principles

  • Supportive Learning Environments
  • Learning Processes and Practices
  • Leadership Reinforcing Learning

Module 4: Developing Strategic Insight

  • Enhancing Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Developing Learning Organization Capabilities

Read article on What Leaders Need to Know: How to Develop a Global Leadership Strategy During a Time of Unprecedented Uncertainty.


Leading Innovation

Participants will learn several core competencies and skills in effectively leading innovation and change across their teams and organizations. This course will focus on how leaders develop their respective team’s openness to new technology and other forms of innovation as part of change initiatives.

Participants will learn leadership competencies in remaining attentive to their teams and team dynamics that offer opportunities for adopting innovations to work processes, products, or services, including the psychological safety of team members and their willingness to take risks and provide input and perspectives that are divergent from the status quo. Participants will also develop skills in leadership agility, including actively learning from their international and global experiences, both successes and setbacks, proactively seeking feedback from colleagues and coworkers, and changing their approach to working with new colleagues and teams in different contexts (business units, regions, countries, etc.).

Module 1: Building Psychological Safety

  • Google’s Project Aristotle
  • High-Performance Team Characteristics
  • Leading Teams in Adaptive Contexts (Virtual, Matrix, & Global Environments)
  • How Leaders Foster Psychologically Safe Teams

Module 2: Leading Change Initiatives

  • Leading Change Success Factors
  • Competencies for Leading Change
  • Managing Resistance and Commitment to Change

Module 3: Talent Management Capabilities

  • Enabling Capabilities (TMT Engagement, Leadership Development Culture, Talent Management ROI)
  • Assessment Capabilities (Performance Feedback, Talent Assessment and Succession Planning)
  • Transition Capabilities (New Leader Onboarding, Role-based Talent Development)

Module 4: Developing Leadership Agility

  • Learning Agility (Mental Agility, People Agility, Change Agility, Results Agility)
  • Guidelines for Giving Performance Feedback
  • Coaching Principles & Tactics
  • Feedback Triggers & Skills for Receiving Feedback

Leading Self

Participants will first develop skills around self-awareness and then identify their personal values as leaders, leadership competency strengths and limitations or gaps, and the value of actively seeking learning opportunities from all experiences, successes, and setbacks.

In addition to learning a practical model of leader emotional intelligence, participants will develop several core skills such as addressing setbacks and obstacles constructively while maintaining a positive attitude, remaining poised during highly stressful periods, and role-modeling constructive approaches to pushing through setbacks.

Participants will also develop several leadership and influence skills that are critical to leading with emotional intelligence, including non-verbal communication and balancing the ability to communicate via both inquiry (listening, reflecting, acknowledging others, etc.), and advocacy (persuading, convincing, presenting evidence, etc.).

Module 1: Leader Authenticity

  • Leader Drift Versus Leader Flow
  • Values and Leadership Principles (VALPs)
  • Johari Window Exercise

Module 2: Leader Emotional Intelligence

  • Defining Emotional Intelligence for Your Organization
  • Leader Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation
  • Leader Resilience

Module 3: Leader Communication and Influence Skills

  • Expressing Ideas with Confidence and Emotion
  • Body Language and Nonverbal Expression
  • Inquiry versus Advocacy Communication Skills
  • Experiential Exercises: Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy as Global Leaders

Module 4: Developing Your Leadership Profile

  • Defining Your Leadership Context
  • Setting Development Goals
  • Developing Action Items and Metrics

Read article on EQ in the Workplace.


Specialized Studies Program

Our Specialized Studies program offers leadership courses that, as a complete program, can be finished in as little as four months. You may enroll in individual courses that can be completed in 1 month. We also offer enrollment in the full program that can be completed in 4 months. Upon full program completion you will receive a Specialized Studies Award in Global Leadership. However, each of the following courses must be completed to receive the Specialized Studies Award.

View program flyer for more information.


Accelerated Essentials

Our courses are designed to prepare your employees for success on the job. Our accelerated program options have been carefully developed to build the knowledge today that you need for the demands of tomorrow.

Build a course that meets the specific needs of your employees. The Accelerated Essentials format allows you to choose one module from each of the courses below. Each module is a 4-hour session and is cohort/team based.

Leading Across Cultures

  • Module #1: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Framework
  • Module #2: Global Mindset Framework
  • Module #3: Implicit/Unconscious Bias
  • Module #4: CQ Development Plan

Leading Strategy

  • Module #1: Strategic Alignment Framework
  • Module #2: Strategic Planning in VUCA Contexts
  • Module #3: Learning Organization Principles
  • Module #4: Developing Strategic Insights

Leading Innovation

  • Module #1: Building Psychological Safety
  • Module #2: Leading Change Initiatives
  • Module #3: Talent Management Capabilities
  • Module #4: Developing Leadership Agility

Leading Self

  • Module #1: Leader Authenticity
  • Module #2: Leader Emotional Intelligence
  • Module #3: Leader Communication and Influence Skills
  • Module #4: Developing Your Leadership Profile

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Customized Training

UCI’s Division of Continuing Education has been training working professionals since 1962. We have perfected the customized creation and delivery of relevant, practical, and targeted programs that yield measurable results—enterprise wide. And we understand that staff development is at the core of your business.

We will work collectively with you to develop programs that are unique to your corporate initiatives—all with the intention to help your peers and staff rise to their highest potential.

Our custom-tailored programs will your meet budget, format, and schedule flexibility requirements.

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Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement

A significant intention of our Global Leadership Program’s mission is to help your organization attract, acquire, onboard, and retain high-performing talent. In addition, our approach is designed to align your business strategy and individual goals to engage your workforce using effective social learning and collaboration tactics.

We will help you empower your workforce with a holistic approach to performance management and leadership development.

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