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Our Global Leadership Program is designed for leaders, like you, that are working to revolutionize your industry. Change and forward progress require cultural intelligence. And, importantly, the framework for cultural intelligence needs to be established by leaders that can navigate across multiple cultural groups, including generations, backgrounds, geographic locations, and professional groups.

A significant intention of our Global Leadership program is to help your organization attract, acquire, onboard, and retain high-performing talent. The curriculum is designed to help you align your business strategy and individual goals to engage your workforce using effective social learning and collaboration tactics.

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For Small Groups and Individual Employees

Global Leadership Cohort Program

Leadership is contingent upon continuous personal and professional development, beyond traditional work-ready skills. Leaders that can navigate our dynamic places of work that thrive on thought leadership and diversity in culture are the ones that display the unique gift of cultural intelligence (CQ).

Our 4-course online Global Leadership Specialized Studies Program is designed to build (CQ) for everyday leaders and help you learn the competencies necessary to lead across cultures, foster innovation, drive strategy, and strengthen team dynamics.

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Customized Training

UCI's Division of Continuing Education has been training working professionals since 1962. We have perfected the customized creation and delivery of relevant, practical, and targeted programs that yield measurable results—enterprise wide. And we understand that staff development is at the core of your business.

We will work collectively with you to develop programs that are unique to your corporate initiatives—all with the intention to help your peers and staff rise to their highest potential.

Our custom-tailored programs will your meet budget, format, and schedule flexibility requirements.

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