We have moved towards hybrid learning to accommodate the varied needs of our members and to make learning more accessible. We have continued our hybrid model of learning and members can attend class in-person or online, whichever fits your comfort level and expectations. Classes will continue to be offered both in-person and online.

Choose from three class formats categorized A, B/C, or D. Each course description will include a “Class Format” letter designation. Refer to the Class Format Legend below when selecting your classes.

Class Format Legend:


Classroom Only ( Presenter & Audience attend in-person; not recorded)


Hybrid with Presenter In-Person or via Zoom (Audience attends in person or via Zoom)


Zoom Only (Presenter and Audience attend via Zoom)

Most of our class lectures (unless otherwise indicated by the non-recording icon in the catalog) will be recorded and available to our members for later viewing through the OLLI Remote Learning Center (ORLC) secure website. If you miss a class, whether it be an in-person or via Zoom (a.k.a. online), you can watch a recording of the class lecture. Please allow five (5) working days for the recording to be edited and uploaded to the ORLC.