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Student Grievance Procedures

Please Note: The student grievances procedures on this page are only applicable to courses taken through UCI DCE. For matriculated UCI students, please refer to the UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct’s Policy on Student Grievance Procedures.

Academic Grievances

UCI Division of Continuing Education (“DCE”) strives to create a positive educational experience for every student. When grade disputes and student complaints arise, DCE has a policy and process in place to facilitate timely responses. Please follow the sequence of steps below to seek resolution for any issue that might arise during your studies.

Contact the Instructor

Students are encouraged to begin by contacting their instructor, either directly or through the department’s Program Representative, to discuss their concerns. To locate your Program Representative, call Student Services at (949) 824-5414 or e-mail and include the name of your department and course.

Contact the Program Representative or Program Director

If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, or if your dispute is with the Instructor, you can request that the matter be reviewed at the academic department level. Grade disputes or complaints in writing must be submitted to the Program Representative or Program Director within one month of the final grade being posted online. The Program Representative or Director will review your written grievance and discuss it with you and the instructor in separate meetings. In most cases, the dispute will be resolved here.

Appeal to the Academic Review Team

You may appeal cases that are not readily resolved at the department level to the Academic Review Team (ART). The ART is headed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and will formally review the grievance or complaint. Upon completion of its review, the ART will render a written resolution and submit it to the DCE Registrar.

Non-Academic Grievances

For issues that are not purely academic in nature, students may still seek assistance from their instructors, Program Directors, the DCE Registrar, or they can directly contact DCE’s Assistant Dean. A written statement of the complaint is preferred. However, if the issue is particularly sensitive, the student may arrange a private meeting with the Assistant Dean and/or the Director of Human Resources.


The Assistant Dean and/or Director of Human Resources may research the situation and find a suitable resolution, or the student may be referred to another organization on campus that is better able to handle the nature or severity of the complaint. In either case, a written statement will be provided to the student describing the actions taken.

Final Appeal

Appeal To The Dean

For academic or non-academic issues, the final level of appeal at DCE is the Office of the Dean. The Dean or a delegate will personally review the case and recommend a resolution. A final statement of resolution will be provided to the student.

Other Assistance

Office Of The Ombudsman

The Office of the Ombudsman provides a safe place to discuss complaints, concerns or problems. The Ombudsman acts as an independent, informal, impartial, and confidential resource. The intervention of the ombudsman may be requested by any party involved in the process. The office can assist both parties by:

  • Helping the individual understand his or her rights.
  • Explaining or clarifying policies and procedures.
  • Advocating for a fair process.

For more information about the Office of the Ombudsman, please visit