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Student Disciplinary Procedures

University of California policy provides for procedural due process for student discipline. The standards for due process include:

  • Written notice must be provided within a reasonable time.
  • The student shall have the opportunity for a prompt and fair hearing.
  • A record of the hearing, a written decision, and a summary of the facts shall be provided.
  • An appeals process must be provided.

UC Irvine’s Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct provides a much more specific description of the appropriate student conduct procedures and actions. All of the principles of the policy apply to Division of Continuing Education (DCE) students, although some of the terminology may be somewhat different. Several examples are listed below.

Terms Main Campus Reference DCE Equivalent
Programs Degrees Certificate programs
Appeals UCI Dean of Students DCE Assoc. Dean, Asst. Dean, Director(s)
Review Board As written in policy Dean of Continuing Education

Some timelines may differ depending on the program in which a student is enrolled. Other exceptions may exist, and are at the sole discretion of the University. Full policies are available at the following websites:

Please contact the Office of the Dean if you have any questions relating to Student Conduct policies or procedures.