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Corporate Education and Global Partnerships

Better People. Better Business.

Let UCI Build Momentum.

Successful businesses and corporations develop, maintain, and recruit the best of the best from our market’s talent pool. Considering our fast-paced world, your organization needs the ability to develop your workforce, and UCI has the best protocol in the industry to help you do that. Everyone wins when corporate education is a priority. Not only do peers and employees become more confident, but they also will become more strategic, intuitive, and analytically competent. We will help you identify the skills gap so that you can create better people, which creates better business.

Invest in What Matters Most.

The Connection Between University Education and Industry.

The University of California is the largest university system and is known to be the powerhouse for technical, leadership, and business optimization education. With the resources of the world’s seventh largest economy behind it, UCI is a world-class research and teaching institution. UCI provides training that will cultivate the professional lives and experiences of your employees.


Enterprise-Wide Training. We Customize with You.

UCI’s Division of Continuing Education has been training working professionals since 1962. We have perfected the customized creation and delivery of relevant, practical, and targeted programs that yield measurable results—enterprise wide. We will work collectively with you to develop a program that is unique to the needs of your business so that you can encourage your staff to rise to their highest potential.

Customized Onsite Training.

For the last 20 years, we have conducted onsite corporate training, locally, nationally, and around the world. Our training is designed to help employees use their acquired skills, immediately. We use hands-on, experiential learning techniques, combined with traditional academic principles.

Customized Online Training.

With the rise and prominence of online education, new training opportunities and options offer greater access and flexibility to accommodate life needs and busy schedules. Online formats provide:

  • Video lectures that can be viewed prior to class.
  • Hybrid classes that incorporate online learning and supplement classroom learning.
  • Virtual classrooms that allow students to interact with their instructors and peers in real-time.
  • Individual learning that can be accomplished at your employee’s pace and on their own time.
  • Web-based simulations that are interactive and provide rigorous experience-based learning activities.
  • The use of free and open courses to supplement classroom and online instruction.
  • Individual online courses that offer 4-40 hours of instruction.
  • Certificate Programs that provide 60-120 hours of instruction, including a full spectrum of sequenced courses.
  • Virtual coaching for incoming and seasoned managers.

Enterprise Partnership. We Innovate for You.

UCI’s mission is to propel our community and enhance lives through rigorous academics, cutting-edge research, and dedicated public service. And you, our employers, are at the center of our desire to support economic development. Your business is unique in your training needs. So, we will collaborate with you to personalize a partnership that can be tailored to your specific learning objectives and strategic initiatives. You will have access to our off-the-shelf resources as well as the ability to create curriculum and customized delivery options based on your training requirements. We also can integrate your existing processes and procedures to organize a smooth learning transfer. With access to our University's rich resources and thought-provoking instructors, we can ensure that you are receiving the educational expertise that you and your employees find necessary to be more intuitive, knowledgeable, efficient, and effective. You can trust UCI to be your partner in the development of your current and potential employees.

 Get started. Here’s how.


Complimentary Services.

Our Enterprise Partnership program is designed to give you the services that you need to kick off your corporate training. And best of all, these resources are free.

  • Creation of a custom corporate web page where employees can enroll in courses that have been approved by your organization, get answers to frequently asked questions, and have direct access to UCI staff to help them along their learning pathway.
  • Quarterly orientation sessions for employees.
  • Promotional tools such as email communications and fliers to explain the partnership and its benefits to employees.
  • Talent acquisition opportunities to post job openings and find candidates ready for internships.
  • Accessibility to our primary events such as HRTalks, LeadershipTalks, and our Let’s Learn Series.
  • Analytical tools to ensure transferable skills, defined outcomes, and metrics for a return on investment.



Certificate Programs.

The UCI Division of Continuing Education was established in 1962 and has served the lifelong learning and career development goals of individuals, organizations, and the community on a local, regional, national, and global scale. Through a wide range of educational opportunities, including certificate and specialized studies programs, short courses, and strategic partnerships, we implement learning pathways for those seeking career advancement or personal enrichment.

Today, we offer 80+ industry-relevant certificate and specialized studies programs on campus, online, and onsite. In addition to our existing catalog of certificate programs, we also can create a fully customized program for your organization. Whether that be a modification of an existing program or the creation of a completely new program with curriculum and courses that are designed based on building the right competencies for your staff.

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Short Courses.

We deliver highly interactive and intensive short courses, providing your employees with quick learning solutions that can be translated on the job—immediately. We have proven, over time, that participants benefit from hands-on, active learning, and collaboration with fellow students from diverse industries.

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Micro Courses.

UCI has partnered with Jolt, a revolutionary educational enterprise that is reinventing professional business continuing education. And we have acquired the best-in-class expert contributors from global companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook. Our Micro Course model provides online, interactive 90-minute workshops that are specifically crafted to engage, excite, and retain your current and future employees.

Students will build and gain work-ready skills that will help them pursue upward mobility opportunities. Our workshops will give your employees the access that they need—anytime and anyplace. We offer two levels of pricing. A $1,400 flat fee for single workshop enrollments of up to 25 participants. Or we can design a program that offers package discounts based on scope.

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Let’s Learn Lecture Series.

These free webinars are designed to provide the knowledge and skills that are imperative now to lead and manage during a global pandemic—which has certainly created an environment of uncertainty. This lecture series will supply you and your employees with new ways of thinking and insights to manage the business and organizational challenges that might lie ahead.

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Individual, Small Group, and Team Training.

We provide several options for individual, small group, and team training. Choose from our extensive list of individual courses and certificate programs. These are ideal for those who are looking to meet short-term performance goals. Tuition reimbursement may be available to your employees by selecting this option.



Open Education—Anytime, Anyplace, and Anywhere.

UCI has been a leader in open education since 2005, along with institutions like MIT and Yale. We have made available Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), that have been developed by the University and then delivered on the platforms of the two leading global providers of open education—Coursera and Future Learn. We offer over 100 courses on Coursera and have engaged over 3.5 million learners since 2013. Over 330,000 students have completed UCI Coursera courses. In addition, UCI’s open YouTube channel receives 236,000 visitors per month. UCI Open, the University’s open education web site, receives approximately 25,000 visitors per month. Many of these courses and programs can be accessed and completed for free.

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Internships and Candidate Recruitment.

UCI is the center for worldly scholars—from within California, across the nation, and around the world. Internships introduce you to the next generation of professionals, while affording your company with the talented staff needed for deployment on special projects, or to augment your workforce.

Our advisors will help you find the right candidates to meet your needs. Please complete an Internship Program Interest Form to receive more information or view our Internships Program Flier.

For more information, contact the Corporate Team at



Learning and Development Strategies.

Whether you have a sophisticated training strategy in place or are just starting out, we have the tools and educational resources to assist. From setting up surveys and needs assessments to course design and implementation—we will ensure that your ROI goals are met.

Free Course: Introduction to Learning Transfer



Customized Employee Training Portal.

UCI has the infrastructure in place to create and maintain a portal on your Human Resources web page that will give your employees access to courses that you have identified as aligning with your company’s vision and strategic goals. Courses and certificate programs are offered by the Division of Continuing Education and can be customized for your company based on a comprehensive needs assessment.

We will build the portal based on your specifications. Your employees will experience a user interface that resonates with their personal needs, all managed by our learning and development office. And finally, your employee’s progress will be tracked, by our organization, using their individual student transcript.

It is turn-key. Employees simply click to enroll.



Onboarding Program Consultation

Your new employees might have the necessary content knowledge for on-the-job performance but may lack experience or the essential workplace readiness skills that will impact their productivity. We will support your onboarding process and ensure increased retention. We will conduct a needs assessment to identify skill gaps and the correlating skillsets that need to be developed. In addition, we will recommend training activities to help your new team members acquire the ancillary workplace proficiencies that they need to flourish in their new role.



Return on Investment and Knowledge Transfer.

Imagine that you are managing a far-reaching training program for thousands of employees worldwide. And, indeed, you need to determine how skills learned, are transferred to the job. We call this “Learning transfer” which is an especially effective tool for human resource professionals that are hoping to develop employees for today and for the future. With the use of data analytics, our team will evaluate and then adjust our tools and resources to ensure that the knowledge learned is being integrated into the job.

Our process will require participant accountability. And with that, your employees will complete an assessment of skills and knowledge prior to taking a course or full program. Upon completion, another assessment will be issued to understand what they learned and how they have applied that learning. The goal here is to gauge what is effective, as well as what is non-effective. During this process, we will follow a blueprint that can be modified as necessary to ensure that you receive the ROI, based on student progression and advancement, that you need.


We Make it Turnkey and Flexible.

Our job does not end with programmatic and curricular strategies and development. We have the capabilities, staff, and resources to support your individualized program. That includes free custom consultation, access to an enrollment portal, a leadership kick-off event, employee onboarding program, online training portals for employee education, learning and development strategies, and promotional materials and information sessions for your staff.

To help us better prepare our recommendation for your company, you may complete our Training Needs Assessment form.


Getting Started.

At UCI, we make it easy to get you on the road to the program that is right for you—right now. Our corporate team is ready to help you create a solution to reach your goals.

At your convenience, simply complete our interest form and we will get back to you immediately.

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