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Connecting the business community with the resources available at UCI

You know California’s largest university system to be a powerhouse for technical, leadership, and business optimization education. With the resources of the world’s seventh largest economy behind it, The University of California is a world-class research and teaching institution.

What you may not realize is that the University can provide your business with valuable tools to enrich the professional life of your employees, and to help you recruit new talent. UCI Corporate Training is your go-to provider to help with workforce development issues. Let us connect you to all the services and talent your business needs to succeed.

Learning Consortium

Our employees’ experience with the consortium has had a very positive impact. It’s a great way for employees with limited time to take one day, maybe two days, to learn practical knowledge that’s relevant to what they’re doing.” Susan Cole
Manager, Edwards University for Edwards Lifesciences - a leading supplier of heart valve technology

Enterprise-wide Training and Education

Training and Education: Onsite and Online

UC Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education has been training working professionals since 1962. We have perfected the creation and delivery of relevant, practical and targeted programs that yield measurable results – enterprise wide. For the last 20 years, we have conducted on-site corporate training, locally and around the world. Our training is designed so employees can start using it on the job immediately. We use hands-on, experiential learning techniques, interwoven with academic principles, and reinforced with constant activities and exercises.

With the rise of online education, new options for training your employees means greater access and flexibility to accommodate their life needs. Let us show you how and when to augment your face-to-face training with:

  • Flipped classes (video lectures are viewed by students before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions)
  • Hybrid classes (also known as “Blended”, this format takes advantage of the features of both face-to-face and online learning)
  • Synchronous training (a virtual classroom allowing students to interact with the instructor and each other in real-time)
  • Asynchronous training (students can complete the coursework on their own time, at their own pace)
  • Web-based simulations (interactive, experiential learning activities)
  • MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • Individual Courses (4-40 hours of instruction)
  • Certificate Programs (60-120 hours of instruction, multiple courses)

Curriculum Development and Design

While businesses have universal needs – e.g. to optimize processes, to make informed decisions, and to help your employees to rise to their highest potential – your company is unique in its particular training needs. Let us show you how we create curriculum and delivery options that are tailored to your specific learning objectives and strategic initiatives.

Education ROI and Knowledge Transfer

Learning transfer is an especially effective tool for human resource professionals looking for the most effective content for their training programs. Through measurement of specific data points, we partner with our clients to put tools in place to assess what their employees learned during the training and how that knowledge is being applied on the job.

Human Resources Support

Internships and Candidate Recruitment

UC Irvine is a magnet for top-tier scholars – from within California, across the nation, and around the world. Internships introduce you to the next generation of professionals, while affording your company talented staff for deployment on special projects, or to augment your workforce. Our advisors will help you find the right candidates to meet your needs. Fill out an Internship Program Interest Form for more information or view our Internships Program Flyer.

Onboarding Program Consultation

Your new employees have the content knowledge for the job but may lack experience or essential workplace readiness skills which impacts their productivity. UC Irvine can enhance your new employee onboarding process and ensure increased retention. We provide needs assessments to identify skill gaps and can recommend training activities to help your new team members acquire the ancillary workplace skillsets they need to flourish in their new role.

Learning and Development Strategies

Whether you have a sophisticated training strategy in place or are just starting out, we have the tools and educational resources to assist. From setting up surveys and needs assessments to course design and implementation, we help you ensure that your training ROI goals are met.

Customized Employee Training Portals

UC Irvine can help you create a portal on your Human Resources web page, where employees can find a list of courses you have identified as aligning with your company’s strategic goals. These can be classes from our public offerings, or customized for your company. Employees click to enroll, and the portal provides your company’s blanket discounted pricing, or you can arrange for us to us invoice you for direct payment. Employee progress is tracked using their student transcripts. We can build the portal to your specifications, and can provide a dedicated UC Irvine Student Services specialist for your employees. To your employees, the user experience is as if you have a dedicated and staffed learning and development office.

Event / Meeting Space

Our new LEED-certified Platinum building is now open for your meetings, trainings, and events. Located on the east side of the UCI campus, the five-story, eco-efficient facility boasts more than 75,000 square feet dedicated to continuing education courses and programs, and specialized events.

Keynote Speakers

UC Irvine is one of the nation's top research universities, filled with leading scholars that represent a broad range of expertise. If you have a need for a keynote speaker, reach out to us and we will connect you.

HRTalks: Attract and Retain Top Talent

Creating a positive employee experience is essential for today’s successful businesses. Mitigation efforts like inclusivity, diversity, engagement, and flexibility will help limit turnover and enhance organizational culture. Our executive panel will share insights and best practices into attracting the best talent and retaining your high-performing employees.

Wednesday, February 24

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About HRTalks

Stay tuned for more 2021 events!

“Marriott International and UC Irvine have shared a long and very rewarding partnership for over a decade with a unique internship program in which interns have advanced and thrived in the areas of human resources, finance, hospitality marketing and sales, industry trends and more. Our interns have added their diverse international experience to help create a warm and vibrant resort experience for our guests.” René Licona, Director of HR
Burbank Marriott Hotel & Convention Center

Community Involvement

Seminars and Programs

Let UC Irvine Corporate Training connect you to upcoming seminars and special events in your field. Ideal for inclusion in your HR/Benefits newsletters, these public events connect employees with new developments and research, or offer a deeper dive into relevant specialized topics. View past events »

Teaching Opportunities

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching and mentoring. UC Irvine Corporate Training can connect the professionals in your organization who have the passion and skill to teach with opportunity to share their expertise with the next generation. In addition to the prestige of having a university instructor on staff, instructors are able to identify talented students for potential internships or future recruitment.

Advisory Board Participation

UC Irvine Continuing Education courses are effective because they are based on the real world best practices found in industry. Behind every program we offer is an advisory board that includes industry experts to shape the next generation. For your veteran employees, advisory board participation, as with teaching, is a way to stay connected with their community, network, and ensure knowledge transfer to future employees.

Community Involvement

Advanced Degrees

Master’s Degree Programs and Articulation

As a human resources professional, you realize that each employee’s educational achievement is part of your organization’s capital resources, both directly and indirectly. When employees are ready to pursue an advanced degree, UCI Corporate Training connects them to the counseling and admissions services they need.

Free One Hour Seminar!

Give us one hour and let us demonstrate our capabilities. Offered to any Southern California company with 100 employees or more, we can deliver a topic from our Business Essentials Suite and show you how much practical, immediately applicable information we can cover in one short hour. Email today to schedule your free training session.

Business Essentials Suite

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Business Communication
  • Business Writing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Data Science Demystified
Free One Hour Seminar!

Let’s Learn Online Lecture Series

These free webinars are designed to give you knowledge and skills to help you with both work and home life during this difficult time and in the future.

On Demand
Let’s Learn: Collaboration in a Quarantine: Working together even when you're all alone View Recording
Let’s Learn: Bringing your Whole Self to (Remote) Work View Recording
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Let’s Learn: Cyber Security During a Pandemic View Recording
Let’s Learn: How to Teach Social-Emotional Learning at Home View Recording
Let’s Learn: Mindfulness Matters View Recording
Let’s Learn: Homeschooling: Teacher Tricks to Use at Home View Recording
Let’s Learn: Managing Virtual Projects View Recording
Let’s Learn: Design Thinking Overview View Recording

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