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Python for Data Science, Web and Core Programming


Python is an easy to use, open-source and versatile programming language that is especially popular among those new to programming. The use of Python has increased by a factor of 10 since 2005 and is projected to be more popular than the industry leading JAVA language in just a few years. It is already the number one software package for those teaching introduction to computer science courses. It is concise, easy to read, and can be used for a variety of industry needs including: web development, data analytics, core software development, and a wide range of scientific and mathematical applications.

Python also has numerous libraries for data manipulation and analysis as well as a very active development community that continually updates and creates new packages. It has been adopted by a wide variety of industries and applications including data science, machine learning, data analytics, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and web analytics.

In this short specialized study program students will learn Python programming concepts including programming styles, idioms, libraries, data structures, data retrieval, processing, visualization, networked application program interfaces and databases. Students can then choose from a final course in either Python for Data Analytics/Data Science or Accessing Web Data with Python.

Who Should Enroll

Beginner/intermediate programmers and those currently working in data science, data analytics, machine learning, GIS analytics, web development, software development and QA, UX/UI design, engineering, or business analyst fields should enroll.

Program Benefits

  • Great entry point for those new to programming
  • Learn to program using a popular language that is fast, free, easy to use, and runs on all major hardware platforms
  • Learn the language of choice for high-demand job fields such as data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, big data and accessing web data.
  • Code using efficient Python scripting, syntax tools, and object-oriented coding theories
  • Create user-defined functions and utilize a vast array of built-in functions
  • Learn how to reduce development and debugging time using Python
  • Learn the language that is the next “Big Thing” and a must for professionals in the Data Analytics and Web Development domains.
  • Create applications for analytics, and for the development of the web and new systems.
Davood Shahabi shares how the Python courses helped advance his career.

Course Schedule

Required Courses

I&C SCI X426.64
Introduction to Python Programming (2.00 Units)
I&C SCI X426.64
Online Remote to be scheduled to be scheduled
I&C SCI X426.59
Intermediate Python (2.00 Units)
I&C SCI X426.59
Online   to be scheduled  
I&C SCI X427.12
Python for Data Analysis (2.00 Units)
I&C SCI X427.12
  Remote   to be scheduled
I&C SCI X426.70
Data Structures, Data Mining and Big Data with Python (2.00 Units)
I&C SCI X426.70
Online   to be scheduled  

Elective Courses

Python Progamming
I&C SCI X426.54
Data Preparation, Modeling and Visualization with Python (2.00 Units)
I&C SCI X426.54
  Remote   to be scheduled
I&C SCI X426.73
Introduction to Machine Learning & AI (2.50 Units)
I&C SCI X426.73
Remote Remote to be scheduled to be scheduled

Course schedules are subject to change. Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full program.

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Academic Calendar

Event Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024
Registration Begins (after 2pm PT) Oct 19 Jan 18 Apr 18 Jul 11
Courses Begin* (week of) Jan 8 Apr 1 Jun 24 Sep 23
Courses End* (week of) Mar 18 Jun 10 Sep 9 Dec 9
Administrative Holidays Jan 15, Feb 19 Mar 29, May 27 Jun 19, Jul 4, Sep 2 Nov 11, Nov 28-29, Dec 24-25, Dec 31, Jan 1

*Actual dates may vary by program.

Learn How To Earn Your Certificate

Earn a Certificate

Apply to become a candidate for the program: A Declaration of Candidacy is required to establish candidacy in this program. Complete the application and pay the application and candidacy fee of $125 (non-refundable). Learn more about the benefits of becoming a candidate. Candidacy is not required to enroll into individual course in a program.

A candidate in the program is awarded a specialized studies certificate upon the successful completion of four (4) required courses and a minimum of 2 elective units totaling 10 units, each with a letter grade of “C” or better. All requirements must be completed within five (5) years after the student enrolls in their first course. To receive the Certified Digital Certificate after the completing all the program requirements, students must submit the Request for Certificate to initiate the certificate audit process. Students not pursuing the certificate are welcome to take as many individual courses as they wish.

*The 10 unit requirement is effective as of Spring 2023. Students who have completed I&C SCI X426.62 Python for Data Analysis prior to Spring 2023 are not required to complete the 2-unit version of the course (I&C SCI X427.12) and will still be eligible for the specialized studies award with 9 units completed.

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English Proficiency Requirement
All certificate programs at UCI Division of Continuing Education (classroom and online formats) require professional-level English language proficiency in listening and note-taking, reading comprehension and vocabulary, written expression, and oral presentation.