Today's employers recognize the value of ongoing professional career development. UCI Division of Continuing Education's certificate and specialized studies programs are focused programs that balance theory and practice with an emphasis on real-world experience and are well-received by employers and can be a significant factor in hiring and promotion.

Certificate programs offer an in-depth body of knowledge to ensure you gain mastery of a particular topic. Specialized Studies feature shorter, more concentrated curricula for those short on time. Both are distinctive achievements that can help prepare you for career entry, advancement, or even transition. 

UCI DCE offers programs in the most sought-after professional fields. View the list of programs.

Benefits of Earning a Certificate

  • Expand job opportunities - Earning a certificate or taking continuing education courses can help position you for higher responsibilities or promotion.
  • Keep pace with work trends - Continuing education is a great way to stay abreast of developments and best practices in your field.
  • Increase professional and personal network - Meet and make lifelong connections with other like-minded individuals.
  • Build self-confidence - A continuing education certificate can help boost your self-image a confidence at work, and in other aspects of your life.
  • Achieve job satisfaction - Employees who actively develop new skills and knowledge tend to experience higher job satisfaction than those who do not.
  • Learn to learn - Explore a field unrelated to your job that interests you - for personal development or simply for fun.

Get Started

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How to Earn a Certificate

Please follow the steps to Earn your Certified Digital Certificate:

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  1. Enroll in a Course

    Find the certificate program web page to view the Admissions/Eligibility and Requirements for the program and enroll into the course(s) available for enrollment to start your journey.

  2. Apply to Become a Candidate

    When you are ready to become a candidate, navigate to the My Certificates option within your MY ACCOUNT page and select Declare Candidacy.

  3. Complete Program Requirements

    Find your program requirements in the "Eligibility and Requirements" section of each program web page. Successful completion of courses with a minimum letter grade of B or C (depending on the program) within 5 years applies to all certificate programs.

  4. Receive Your Certificate

    When you are enrolled in your final course, submit the Request for Certificate form through the My Certificates option within your MY ACCOUNT page. If you qualify to earn the certificate, you will receive a confirmation by email with information regarding your Certified Digital Certificate. 

Benefits of Candidacy & Certificate