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Business Administration

The Business Administration Certificate is currently undergoing revisions and is not accepting new candidates. Courses in the existing program will be available through Fall Quarter 2018 to allow candidates to complete their requirements and can still be taken individually for those who are not pursuing the certificate. If you would like to speak with a program representative, please contact Anna Yoshida at or (949) 824-5043.



Modeled after a traditional M.B.A. program, this certificate combines a series of courses that provide a solid foundation in basic business management. It ensures your exposure to those elements essential to success as a manager in the public or private sector. You'll leave this program with the tools necessary to competently and confidently face the demands and challenges of today's business environment.

Employers highly value the knowledge and skills you'll obtain in the areas of finance, human resources, marketing, leadership, international business, and management. As you acquire proficiency in strategic business analysis and develop your management skills, you will see your ability to contribute to your organization's achievements begin to soar.

Who Should Attend

Newly appointed and prospective managers from sales, marketing, purchasing, finance, and human resources in either public or private industry will benefit from course work in this program.

Career Insight

Occupational summary for administrative services managers in California.

Projected Growth
Annual Salary
(25th-75th Percentile)

Program Benefits

  • Develop or refine your management and leadership skills to enhance your current job performance, increase your opportunities for advancement, and gain greater career flexibility.
  • Understand basic financial theories and practices for improved bottom line management.
  • Obtain an understanding of the various aspects of marketing.
  • Learn techniques for basic business analysis and strategic planning.
  • Gain a better understanding of the global marketplace and international competition.
  • Explore the fundamentals of human resources management including recruitment, interviewing, appraisal, organizational analysis, and workforce diversity.
  • Network with peers and other industry professionals.
  • Design and deploy business-centered sustainability plans in multiple, varied work environments.
  • Develop strategies for the implementation of new sustainable improvement initiatives.
  • Evaluate and report on performance, impact and outcome of activities in the sustainability arena.

Course Schedule

Required Courses

MGMT X490.1
Essentials of Management (4 units)
MGMT X490.1
to be scheduled to be scheduled Online  
MGMT X484.71
Strategic Pitching, Networking and Marketing (2.5 units)
MGMT X484.71
  to be scheduled   Online
MGMT X450.1
Foundations of Human Resources Management (4 units)
MGMT X450.1
to be scheduled to be scheduled Online Campus Online Campus
MGMT X434.10
Finance for Business and Administrators (1.5 units)
MGMT X434.10
to be scheduled to be scheduled    
Communication in a Diverse and Changing Workplace (2 units)
to be scheduled   Online Online  
MGMT X498.2
Business Ethics and Workplace Politics (2 units)
MGMT X498.2
to be scheduled   Online  

Elective Courses

Business Administration
MGMT X446.4
Modern Business Writing (2.5 units)
MGMT X446.4
  to be scheduled   Online
Influence, Persuasion & Negotiation (2.5 units)
  to be scheduled   Online
MGMT X486.3
Mindfulness-Based Strategies in Business (2 units)
MGMT X486.3
to be scheduled   Online  

Course schedules are subject to change. Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate.

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Learn How To Earn Your CertificateCertificate Eligibility and Requirements

A certificate is awarded upon completion of six required courses and two elective courses (a total of 3.5 units or more) each with a letter grade of “C” or better. To become an official candidate in the program, students pursuing the certificate must submit a Declaration of Candidacy. Students are encouraged to declare candidacy as soon as possible, but no later than after the third course in the program. To receive the certificate after completing all program requirements, students must submit a Request for Certificate. All requirements must be completed within five (5) years after the student enrolls in his/her first course. Students not pursuing a certificate are welcome to take as many individual courses as they wish.

Advisory Board

  • Antonia Castro-Graham, Sustainability Analyst, Port of Long Beach
  • Lindsay Desai, Organizational Development Consultant
  • Constanze Duke, Director of Sustainability, Simple Green
  • Linda Marcot, Owner and Principal, LMC Consulting
  • Jennifer McCusker, Senior Director of Organizational Development, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Dave Nagy, Owner and Principal, Bolero Associates, LLC
  • Adam Porter, Senior Director of HR, Edwards Lifesciences
  • Iva Ray, Advisor and Instructor, UCI Division of Continuing Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the program cost?
  • Estimated fees for completing the program is approximately $5,000. Note that you pay for each class as you enroll, as opposed to the entire tuition sum at once. Most courses cost $610 each. Prices for MGMT X450.1 Foundation of Human Resources Management vary based on class format. Please keep in mind that this cost does not include textbooks, which some of our instructors do require. Textbook information for specific courses can be found on our website on the enrollment page. There is also a one-time candidacy declaration fee of $125, to be paid after your second class. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • How long will it take me to complete the entire program?
  • That depends on how many classes you can take at once. Given that the program consists of 8 classes (6 required, 2 elective), if you take one class per quarter you would be done in two years. Most students who work full time take one or two classes per quarter, depending on their work schedules and other obligations. You can take as many simultaneous courses as you wish, but we strongly recommend starting with one or two to ensure you have the necessary time to devote to the course(s).
  • Do I have to apply and be accepted before I start?
  • No. This is an open-enrollment program, and you will not have to provide transcripts or prove prerequisites before you begin.
  • Where can I find the course schedule? Do I have to take the classes in order?
  • The course schedule can be found here. And no, you can take the classes in any order that you like. However, if you are new to the field of Business Administration, we strongly recommend that you begin with MGMT X490.1 Essentials of Management.
  • Can I complete the entire program online?
  • Yes. While not every class will be available online every term, we cycle through the curriculum offerings during the year so that it is possible to complete the entire program online.
  • I've never taken an online class. How does it work? Is it self-paced?
  • No, the classes are not self-paced. Our online classes take place in an asynchronous online environment, meaning there will not be a day of the week or time of day that you will need to be online. You can log in when you have time to do so. However, the courses are structured week-to-week, from Monday to Sunday, and you are expected to log in multiple times during the week to keep up with class discussions and assignments.
  • I am an international student / I am located overseas – am I able to enroll?
  • Yes. As an open-enrollment program, international students are welcome in the program. Please note that if English is not your native language, enrollment in this program assumes that you have a working proficiency in English to allow you to engage in high-level academic discourse without any additional language coaching. If you are interested in taking the program fully online, you may enroll in courses via the Continuing Education website at your convenience and on a quarter by quarter basis. You are not required to have a student visa while taking online courses from your home county.

    If you wish to apply for an F-1 student visa to study in person at UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education (DCE), you must formally apply to UC Irvine DCE's International Programs and request an I-20. Please keep in mind that not all evening certificate programs are available to F-1 student visa holders based on the availability of classes that meet on campus. We cannot issue an I-20 for fully online programs. Please contact our International Programs office at or visit the website for more information.
  • Do you offer job placement at the end of the program?
  • No. While UCI DCE does not offer placement services, our certificate certainly puts you in a good position to find employment. Additionally, the networking to be done in the class can also be invaluable. Our advisors, instructors, and a good number of our students, are current professionals in the business administration field, and are an excellent resource for hiring trends and opportunities.
  • Is UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education an accredited institution?
  • Yes. We are affiliated with the University of California system of schools, and are accredited through WASC. DCE programs are all approved by the respective school within UCI (ie – Business Administration classes are approved through UCI's Paul Merage School of Business). For more information, please see UCI Accreditation.
  • What is the “declaration of candidacy”? When do I have to complete it?
  • The declaration of candidacy can be thought of as declaring your major for the certificate program. This lets our student services know that you intend to complete the entire program, and puts you on track for the certificate when you have completed all requirements. We strongly recommend that you complete the declaration of candidacy and pay the applicable fee before enrolling into your third class.
  • I can't find the answer to my question.
  • If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Anna Yoshida at or (949) 824-5043.

On-site Training Available

Our Corporate Training specialists can deliver this program or customize one that fits your organization’s specific needs. Visit Corporate Training or call (949) 824-1847 for information.

English Proficiency Requirement
All certificate programs at UCI Division of Continuing Education (classroom and online formats) require professional-level English language proficiency in listening and note-taking, reading comprehension and vocabulary, written expression, and oral presentation.

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“Participating in this program has helped me to become more aware and better prepared to understand the broad scope of my company specifically, and business in general. It has helped me to be more adaptive and valuable as an employee.” Laura A. Smith
Certificate Graduate