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Certified Digital Certificates

Official, portable, secure and easily verifiable

Congratulations on your achievement!

UCI Division of Continuing Education has partnered with Parchment to offer Certified Digital Certificates. Share it with potential employers to kick-start the next step in your professional journey or career.

How to Get It

Certificate Programs

  • Step 1: Declare Candidacy for the program
    After taking your first course and before completing your third course in the program:
    1. Login to your MY ACCOUNT
    2. Under “My Account”, select “Declaration of Candidacy/Specialized Studies”
    3. Select your program and pay $125
  • Step 2: Request a Certificate Review
    After enrolling in your final course of the program:
    1. Login to your MY ACCOUNT
    2. Under “My Account”, select “Request for Certificate”
    3. Complete the online form and submit it to the Records office.
    4. Once final grades are posted, the certificate review process will take 1-2 weeks. If there are any issues or delays, you will receive an email from the Records office.
  • Step 3: Claiming your Certified Digital Certificate
    1. Check your email for the award notification from
    2. Follow the link to set up your Parchment digital credentials account.
    3. Share your Certified Digital Certificate on Facebook and LinkedIn or download a secure PDF version.

All required courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better, within five years, unless otherwise noted.

What You Can Do With It

Share your Achievements
  • Easily share your Certified Digital Certificate with employers with a secure and verified link
  • Share with family and friends on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Enhance your resume by expediating the verification process for employers
View or Download
  • View your Certified Digital Certificate online at any time with permanent access
  • Each certificate has an embedded digital signature that can be verified when viewing in Adobe Acrobat on your computer or mobile device.
  • Download your digital certificate and save as a PDF.
  • For security reasons, the digital certificate cannot be printed.
Serve as an Alternative to the Apostille
  • Many countries recognize digital certificates. Parchment Award certificates are supporting the needs of international credentials.

Request a Duplicate Copy ($45/copy)

Once you have been awarded your Certified Digital Certificate, you have the option to request a paper copy. The paper certificate is mailed to you in 1-2 weeks of submission. Please note that delivery to certain locations may take longer. For an additional fee, your order can be expedited with a tracking number.

  1. Login to your MY ACCOUNT
  2. View your unofficial transcripts to confirm that your award for the program is posted.
  3. Under “My Account”, select “Order Your Duplicate Certificate” and pay $45.

For students who completed their program prior to 2017, you have the option to order a digital copy of your certificate.

For questions, please contact our Records Office at