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Power in Presentations: How to Maximize Your Professional Persona

  • UCI Division of Continuing Education

 Wednesday, March 22, 2023
 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Honing your communication and presentation skills is no longer optional in staying relevant. In today’s environment, a strong on-camera presence can catapult your career. Staying on-point and being intentional in your messaging, body language, tone and presence gets you noticed by all the right people, launches lucrative careers, and leaves a positive and memorable impact in the world.

Join us to hear about Katy infuses lighthearted fun and playful practices to keep you inspired in the process of developing a strong, impactful and engaging presence on stage, on camera and in-person.

Our presenter, Katy Temple is an Emmy Award-Winning Sports Broadcaster with over 25 Years of Success in Media. She works with executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes to find their authentic voice and make them camera and on-line ready.

Whether it's corporate videos, media, presentations, or interviews, she helps clients be the best versions of themselves to take their professional and personal brands to the next level and nail their on-camera messaging and delivery.

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