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Why Cultural Intelligence Matters

  • UCI Division of Continuing Education

 Wednesday, March 13, 2024
 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Leadership is contingent upon continuous personal and professional development, beyond traditional work-ready skills. Leaders that can navigate our dynamic places of work that thrive on thought leadership and diversity in culture are the ones that display the unique gift of cultural intelligence (CQ).

From a leader’s perspective, cultural intelligence is the ability to understand, adapt to, and leverage cultural differences to lead diverse teams and organizations successfully. It involves understanding the norms, behaviors, and expectations of different cultures, including national, ethnic, organizational, generational, and other group cultures, and adjusting one's leadership approach accordingly.

Please join Dr. Kevin Groves to learn about what it means to build cultural intelligence. Kevin will discuss:

  • Why our globalized world requires leaders to adapt a new approach to work differently with teams, clients, and partners from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Given the emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, leaders with high CQ can create a work environment where unconscious bias is mitigated so that employees from various backgrounds and generations feel valued and can contribute their best.
  • Leaders with cultural intelligence are better equipped to navigate and resolve conflicts, preventing them from escalating and affecting team dynamics.
  • Leaders with cultural intelligence are more successful in organizations seeking to expand internationally, because they understand local market dynamics, effective marketing strategies, and the importance of building mutually beneficial relationships.

In addition, Kevin will provide an overview of UCI’s Global Leadership Program, that he designed specially to help learners build and develop their cultural intelligence skills.

Kevin S. Groves, Ph.D., is President of Groves Consulting Group, LLC, and Professor of Management at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. The consultancy supports businesses, non-profit organizations, and public agencies with leadership and organization development solutions, including customized 360-degree assessment tools, executive development program design and facilitation, succession planning systems, executive team development, strategic planning facilitation, and high-potential identification and development practices. Supporting clients across multiple industry sectors, the firm focuses on developing evidence-based solutions anchored by rigorous research. Dr. Groves also serves as course developer and instructor for the UCI Division of Continuing Education. An active leadership scholar, his research focuses on talent management, succession planning, and executive development practices, particularly the ROI of such practices across industry sectors. He conducts national benchmarking studies, including the semi-annual Talen

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