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Cyber Security Unification Workshop

 Thursday, October 13, 2022
  8:45AM - 4:00PM

Expert instructors will lead attendees through a deep dive into mission-critical topics ranging from an iterative and incremental threat modeling method that you can integrate in your development and deployment pipeline to - touring of the defenses that have been added to modern operating systems such as Windows and Linux that raise the bar against reliable exploitation of vulnerabilities.


Our presenters are some of the industry’s foremost cyber security experts (all BlackHat presenters) including T.Roy, author and creator of the Windows Kernel Rootkits course. Their presentations will share lessons learned and best practices from decades of hands-on experience. This interactive workshop is meant to challenge your thinking and encourage candid discussions. .


Topics include: .

  • Hands-On Threat Modeling
  • Eyes of a Thief – Physical Pentesting
  • From Data to Value in One Easy Lesson – Data Science
  • Tour of Modern Security Mitigations – Linux & Windows

All fields of cybersecurity would benefit from this workshop. .

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