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Verification of Enrollment

UCI Division of Continuing Education (DCE) will provide, upon request, verification of enrollment for continuing education programs, including certificate programs, concurrent enrollment, and international programs.

Information We Verify

UCI DCE’s verification letters include dates of attendance, units, and enrollment status per quarter. Verification of enrollment cannot be made until you have officially registered and paid for courses.

UCI Division of Continuing Education determines enrollment status for verification purposes as follows:

  • 12.0 units or more as full-time
  • 6.0 through 11.9 units as half-time
  • 5.9 or less as less than half-time

Loan Deferment Forms: UCI DCE does not participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs. The UCI DCE Records Office will not complete any section of in-school deferment form provided by the loan provider. Since we cannot complete the form, students can request a Verification of Enrollment letter that can be sent to their lender.

UCI and Summer Session Students: Verifications for matriculated UCI students (undergraduate and graduate) and Summer Session enrollments are processed by the UCI Registrar’s Office.

Fees for Verification

There is a $20 for each request. Students have an option of mailed or emailed copies.

Order Verification of Enrollment

Login to your UCI DCE online portal and submit your request by choosing Order Verification of Enrollment.

Requests should be processed within three business days of submission.

Questions? Contact the UCI DCE Records Office at, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm (Pacific).