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Credits and Grades

Credit value in quarter units is indicated in parenthesis after course numbers. One quarter unit equals two-thirds of a semester unit. You should notify your instructor by midterm whether you are taking a course "for credit" or "not for credit." If you are taking the course for credit, you must choose whether you wish a letter grade or prefer the "pass/not pass" option. Note: Certificate candidates should complete their courses with letter grades. Certain courses are only offered on a Pass/Not pass basis and will be noted in the course description.

All grades are final when filed by the instructor. You can view your grades and print a grade card on our website. Simply click My Account Login (or create an account) to access your grade card under the My Account links in the left sidebar.

A UCI Division of Continuing Education student can only repeat a course twice. Approval for repetition must be made by the Office of the Registrar at UCI Division of Continuing Education.

Students who enroll in a class and then cease to attend without actually dropping the class may be assigned a No Report (NR) or Failure (F).

  • Letter Grades
  • A-excellent, B-good, C-fair, D-barely passed, F-failure. Plus and minus suffixes may be attached to the grades A,B, C and D.

    Please note: UCI Division of Continuing Education certificate and specialized studies programs require courses to be completed with a minimum grade of C or B depending on the program.

    All final grades shall be used in computing the student’s grade point average.
  • Incomplete (I)
  • The grade of Incomplete (I) may be assigned when a student’s work is of passing quality but is incomplete for good cause. The student and instructor must complete and sign the Incomplete Grade Assignment Agreement (within a period of no more than three months) following the quarter in which the grade Incomplete was originally awarded. Instructors are not obligated to allow the maximum time period. Students should not re-enroll in the course to make up the Incomplete.

    Incomplete (I) grades will convert to a failing grade (F), not pass (NP) or unsatisfactory (U), whichever is appropriate, after remaining on the student’s record for three months.
  • Prior to Summer 2013
  • Incomplete grades on a student’s record prior to Summer 2013 are not subject to the conversion to an F, NP or U.
  • In Progress (IP)
  • The IP grade may be assigned for the intervening quarters of an approved sequential course where the evaluation of the student’s performance is deferred to the end of the final quarter.
  • No Report (NR)
  • The Registrar will assign an NR when a final grade is not submitted by the instructor. NRs may be removed within one quarter or changed to a grade by the instructor provided a clerical or procedural error has occurred.
  • Pass / Not Pass (P/NP)
  • May be assigned only when a student is officially enrolled with the pass/not pass option. Effective Fall 2023, students must earn a “C-” or better to receive a passing grade.
  • Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U)
  • S or U may be assigned for certain graduate work of graduate students. Students must earn a C or better to receive a satisfactory grade.
  • No Credit/Audit (N)
  • Assigned when the student opts to audit a course and receive no credit.
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Students enroll in Concurrent Enrollment courses are subject to the UCI grading policy.
  • Auditing
  • Auditors are students who wish to attend UCI Division of Continuing Education courses but do not desire academic credit. Your work will not be evaluated (you are not required to take exams or complete projects). Students who choose to audit a course may attend any and all sessions of the course, participate in discussions, activities and assignments but are not required to do so.

    If you want to audit a course, follow regular registration procedures and pay the full fee listed for each course. Be sure to update your grade option as ‘audit’ and inform your instructor that you have selected this grade option. The course will appear on your transcript and will be graded with an “N” for “No Credit”.

    No provisions for students to merely “sit-in” on UCI Division of Continuing Education courses are made and attendance without payment of fees is prohibited.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Courses with 800 series numbers are designated as having “Continuing Education Units” (CEUs). CEUs are non-credit measurements of post-secondary level study. One CEU is awarded for ten contact hours of participation; less than ten hours are shown as a fractional CEU. Employers, re-licensure agencies and other authorities require a specified number of hours of instruction for career advancement, and where noncredit study is acceptable.

    DCE policy prohibits level 800 non-credit courses from assigning any grades for homework and/or the final class grade. Only “Continuing Education” (CE) can be issued as the final grade.

    If grades must be issued, the course should be categorized at a different level such as a 100, 200, 300, 400, etc credit course. Also, because we only issue CEs, we cannot issue “Pass/No Pass” since “Pass” is equivalent to a C (73%) or better.
  • BRN Approved Courses
  • Provider (UCI Division of Continuing Education) has been approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) for contact hours: Provider Number 00093. Contact hours vary — see individual course description for details. BRN courses are identified with this symbol.
  • CPE Credit
  • UCI Division of Continuing Education offers courses that align with the commercial and federal knowledge recognized as necessary for National Contract Management Association (NCMA) certification. Many of our courses are also CPE (Continuing Professional Education) activities and qualify as units towards recertification.
  • MFT / LCSW
  • Provider, UCI Division of Continuing Education has been approved to offer this course for continuing education credit for MFCCs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Provider number PCE 3238.
  • PDU Credit
  • UCI Division of Continuing Education is a recognized provider registered with the PMI Registered Education Provider Program (PMI R.E.P.). UCI Division of Continuing Education accepts and adheres to all PMI R.E.P. Program policies, requirements, and rules concerning the provision of professional education activities and materials. Information pertaining to the documentation of PDUs may be found in the PMI PDP Handbook, and on the PMI Certification web site at
  • RAC-Approved Courses
  • Provider (UCI Division of Continuing Education) has been approved by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) for RAC contact hours. Contact hours for approved courses are 16 RAC points per course. A full listing of current courses can be found at