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Alternative Digital Credentials

Digital Badge (sample)

What is an alternative digital credential?

An Alternative Digital Credential (ADC), often referred to as a digital badge, is a fully-digital, information-rich record of professionally relevant skills and competencies needed in the workplace. ADCs provide an alternative way to recognize specific skills not always visible on a traditional educational transcript. An earned ADC occurs through successful completion of qualifying coursework.

ADCs provide a 100% verifiable way for you to share educational achievements, new competencies and workforce readiness with employers, colleagues and others via social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

ADCs are rapidly becoming the new standard to help learners like you highlight your commitment to lifelong learning and distinguish yourself in a competitive job market.

What are the benefits of earning an alternative digital credential?

Digital Badge Benefits By earning a digital badge, you are providing employers with a quick and convenient way to digitally verify your acquired skills and knowledge at a glance. Each ADC connects to a unique website URL that offers a comprehensive description of the learning criteria you have achieved. Employers can also publicly recognize your achievements and add further to your credibility by displaying your credential on the company website.

More importantly, digital badges provide a unique benefit during job searches because they allow prospective employers to discover qualified employees like you based specifically on your professionally relevant skills and experience. This can assist you in moving one step ahead of the competition during the hiring process.

What can I do with a digital badge?

Once you have earned and claimed your digital badge, you can share this accomplishment with your professional and personal network. Display it on your resume, online portfolio, website, LinkedIn profile, or social media pages.

How do I qualify for and claim an alternative digital credential?

Program BadgesIf a digital badge is available in your coursework and you have met all educational objectives, you become eligible to claim an ADC. Once our Records Department confirms you have earned a badge, you will receive an email from UCI Continuing Education with instructions on how to obtain your ADC. You will then receive an email directly from Credly to create an account and claim your digital badge. Visit Credly for detailed information on how to accept the badge.

View all currently available digital badges on Credly.

What DCE programs currently offer ADCs?


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