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Alternative Digital Credentials

Digital Badge (sample)

What is an alternative digital credential?

An alternative digital credential, often referred to as a digital badge, is a graphic verification of the skills and knowledge you have acquired after successfully completing a specific course or program.

Alternative digital credentials are a great way to share your educational achievements and new competencies with employers, colleagues, friends and family via a variety of social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Alternative digital credentials are rapidly becoming the new standard to help adult learners like you visually highlight your dedication to your own professional development and your commitment to lifelong learning.

Each alternative digital credential also links to a unique website URL that provides a comprehensive description of the learning objectives you have achieved for that specific course or program.

What are the benefits of earning an alternative digital credential?

Digital Badge Benefits Obtaining an alternative digital credential from University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education signifies that you have committed yourself to a quality learning experience from a recognized leader in professional development.

As an alternative digital credential holder, you are providing a quick and convenient way for your employer to confirm your newly acquired skills and knowledge at a glance. Your employer can also publicly recognize your achievements and add further to your credibility by displaying your alternative digital credential on the company’s website.

Alternative digital credentials can also assist you during a job search as they provide a way for prospective employers to discover you based on the specific skills and experience you have earned. This can help move you one step ahead of the competition in the hiring process.

What can I do with a digital badge?

Once you have earned and claimed your digital badge, you can share this accomplishment with your professional and personal network. Display it on your resume, online portfolio, website, LinkedIn profile, or social media pages.

What digital badges are currently available?

Please see the Digital Badge Catalog for current badge availability. This list will be updated as new badges become available.

How do I qualify for and claim an alternative digital credential?

Course Alternative Digital Credentials
If a course is available as an alternative digital credential and you have met all educational objectives and the minimum grade requirement, you become eligible to claim a badge for that course. Once your final letter grade has been confirmed by the Records Department, you will receive an email from UCI Continuing Education with instructions on how to obtain your alternative digital credential.

Note: If you request a pass/no pass final grade or you are auditing a course, you are not eligible to claim an alternative digital credential for that course.

Program Alternative Digital Credentials
Program Badges If a program you are completing is available as an alternative digital credential, you will receive instructions on how to claim your badge after you have submitted your request for certificate and successful completion of the program requirements have been confirmed. Please note that you will receive both a digital certificate and an alternative digital credential for your program.


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