Business Communication

Mastering the art of communication is essential to professional success — regardless of your industry or occupation.

The relentless advancement of technology, evolving workforce models and constantly shifting diversity of organizations demands a specific set of skills, and UCI Continuing Education offers a variety of real-world courses in specific areas of communication vital to your success and advancement in a modern workplace.

Taught by industry experts who impart practical knowledge taken directly from their own experience, each course — which can be applied toward completion of several of our certificate programs — provides an in-depth and hands-on learning experience you can begin applying immediately to help yourself stand out as a thought leader and expert while increasing your career potential.

Jeanette Jones“I often have students confide in me that writing is not one of their strengths. These same students send me messages of excitement after experiencing improvement in their writing and reduced anxiety when facing writing projects as a result of the course content. It is equally rewarding to hear from students that were strong writers, but still found new writing tips, tools and techniques for improvement.”
— Jeanette Jones, Modern Business Writing Course Instructor

Program Benefits

Whether you’re looking to improve your business writing skills, manage workplace conflict, engage a diverse workforce or build successful teams, we have the course that’s right for you. This selection of curated topics — which can be taken individually or as part of earning a certificate — will help build your confidence and skills in:

  • The process and functions of communication, behavioral patterns, perceptions as reality, verbal and nonverbal cues, confidence, assertiveness, tact, anger management, criticism and constructive feedback
  • Analyzing, writing and revising a wide spectrum of business documents
  • Managing conflict, strengthening relationships and building trust in organizations
  • Forms of influential behavior, human tendencies regarding influence, as well as the distinctions between influence and manipulation, coercion and authority
  • Applying the principles of effective intercultural communication through theoretical, ethnographical, and practical tools from the interpersonal to global level
  • Developing leadership in teams through team vision and goals, meeting facilitation skills, active listening skills, increasing creativity, working collaboratively and building trust
  • Communication processes in virtual organizations and how to build, manage and lead virtual teams

Pursue a Certificate

The courses satisfy requirements toward completion of one or more of the following programs. Continue your learning and add to your knowledge base (and career advancement options) by earning a professional certificate in:

  • Business Administration
    Build a solid foundation in basic business management and ensure your exposure to elements essential to your success as a manager in the public or private sector. Employers will highly value the knowledge and skills you’ll obtain in the areas of finance, HR, marketing, leadership, management, communication, and business analysis.
  • Human Resources Management
    Through coursework that reflects the most current activities and functions in human resources, this certificate program provides a comprehensive view of the generalist’s role. Increase your knowledge of staffing, compensation, employee relations, recruitment, organizational development, training, benefits, and more.
  • Organizational Leadership & Communication
    Explore the fundamentals of leadership and learn valuable skills in interpersonal communication, small group communication, conflict management, intercultural communication, writing, and managing organizational change. You’ll build skills to help strengthen relationships across teams, departments, and hierarchical levels.
Approximate Cost $630
Format Online
Duration 6 - 8 weeks

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