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Alumni Q&A: Lisa Diehl, Organizational Leadership & Communication

Lisa Diehl

Why did you choose UCI Division of Continuing Education’s Organizational Leadership & Communication certificate?

I looked at several programs and UCI’s certificate was the perfect fit as I was looking to grow my career. Being that this was remote learning, it provided me the ability to take courses around my busy work schedule. Also, the cost was an affordable investment in myself.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the program?

First of all, being able to take the courses remotely was a huge benefit for me. I also truly enjoyed the interactions with other students in the class. There were opportunities to interact with other professionals on group projects or in Zoom classroom lectures and conversations.

I also appreciated that I could finish assignments and projects within a selected timeline, making sure to meet deadlines but not feeling pressured as you had a week’s timeframe to complete the assignments. You knew every Monday what had to be completed by Sunday, and you could schedule accordingly. I also enjoyed that there was a mixture of videos, lectures and group interactions in all of the courses.

What was your favorite course in the program, and why?

Leading Successful Organizational Change was my favorite class. In today’s business world, there is constant change and it happens quickly. As a leader, making sure that my teams align is critical, and the way the information is given is crucial for success and buy-in.

What impact has earning your Organizational Leadership & Communication certificate had on your career?

In my previous role, I felt I could use some additional credentials around leadership and communication in order to continue growing my career. This proved to be true as I was able to move from a manager role to a director role within a new company.

Having this certificate gave me the confidence to look outside of my comfort zone and search and apply to promotional opportunities. I was awarded this promotional position just as I was finishing my last course! I highly recommend this program if you are looking at continuing to grow your career and willing to invest in yourself.

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