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In the Words of a Graduate: Lisa Grier, Nonprofit Management

Lisa Grier

Why did you choose UCI Division of Continuing Education’s Nonprofit Management Specialized Studies?

I chose this program because I wanted to further my education in the nonprofit world. Plus, I was able to receive a certificate for the program which was an added benefit. Since the majority of my life has been in the for-profit world, except as a lay leader and volunteer, I figured this would help me make the transition into the nonprofit sector.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the program?

I loved learning about different areas of nonprofits from HR and finance to marketing and communications. My area of expertise is in fundraising, so it was great to become more comfortable in other areas.

The best part was learning from my different instructors and my classmates. My classmates had varying degrees of experience working at nonprofits so with this brought a wealth of knowledge. I am still in contact with one of my classmates today.

What was your favorite course in the program, and why?

My favorite class was Nonprofit HR and Operations. It helped me make a large decision that the nonprofit I was currently employed with for five years was not valuing me the way they should.

I was recruited to another nonprofit and ended up going through seven interviews over three months with eleven people. I became more and more in love with this nonprofit and ended up being offered the position.

I am currently still employed there today. The opportunity was life-changing for my family and me. Honestly, I am not sure I would have made the move if I had not taken the HR class in this program.

What impact has earning your Nonprofit Management Specialized Studies had on your career?

Earning my specialized studies gave me the confidence and drive to find a new role that was a better fit for me overall. I was able to find a company that fit my morals and ethics, one where they really value their employees which is truly hard to find nowadays in the for-profit and nonprofit world. I cannot thank UCI Division of Continuing Education enough for helping me get to the next level.

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