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Partner with a Career Coach to Find Your Next Big Thing.

Partner with a Career Coach to Find Your Next Big Thing.

by Kathy Seaton

If you’re feeling undervalued, unfulfilled, or unmotivated, it might be time for a career change and an investment in a career coach.

Career coaches understand how to highlight your relevant professional experience and market those talents to make you more attractive to potential employers. They provide more than resume building, extending into services like short-and-long term career planning, motivation techniques, salary negotiation, and network-building. A good career coach helps you craft your story and tell it in a compelling way.

According to the International Coaching Federation, career coaches help their clients come to their own decisions about how to “maximize their personal and professional potential.” They help determine your purpose, who you want to be, what you want to do, and how you’re going to get there. And they will tear down the self-imposed barriers you have created that might be holding you back.

They Have Industry Intelligence: The investment in a career coach will pay dividends because they know the industry inside and out. In addition, they understand the flexing of the market and how to navigate the change in the workplace. You still need to do your research, but a coach can direct you to seek out what’s most relevant to meet your needs and help you adjust your skills to the job requirements.

They Keep Your Feet to the Fire: Part of getting a job is not letting up on the search or throwing in the towel. A career coach will motivate you to stay on track and do the things that are most important to get seen and interviewed. They will help you remain focused on your goals and objectives so that you find a good career fit.

They Help You Tell Your Story: Personal branding is key. A career coach will work with you to develop your brand so that you can differentiate yourself, personally and professionally. Branding is a great tool when it comes to building your presence on social media. And the coach will help you develop and post content that positions you as a thought leader.

Be selective when you hire a coach and make sure you’re ready and willing to put in the work, because only you can achieve your goals.

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