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School Law and Fiscal Management

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Course Description

This course integrates the study of the legal and financial frameworks of public schools as each framework interacts with political processes and policy-making, including philosophical influences and political jurisdictions affecting educational policies and practices, influence of legal aspects to educational control, political and sociological aspects to educational control, political and sociological forces directly and indirectly affecting school practices, and theory of individual and group dynamics in achieving compromise, consensus, and coalitions to achieve educational goals. This course introduces students to federal and state laws and court cases that regulate public education operations and financing in California. The course focuses on current issues facing educators including the interaction between law, politics, and public education. In addition, this course explores the organization and management of financial and business operations, funding sources and problems affecting financing at State and local levels, business office operations, budget preparation, financial management strategies and control, and facility construction projects.

Please note you must be admitted to the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program prior to enrolling in this course.

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  • $620
  • January 10, 2024 to March 17, 2024
  • Delivery Mode: Hybrid
  • Reg#: 00190
  • ID/Units: EDUC X393.61  (4.00)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: WINTER 2024


Chad Hammitt, Ed.D., is the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services for the Fullerton School district. He has nearly 25 years of experience including classroom teacher in both English and Bilingual (Spanish), school site administrator as an Assistant Principal and Principal, and school district human resources as both an executive director and assistant superintendent. His expertise in both school site and district level administration enables him to have a strong understanding of all aspects of K-12 education. His work in human resources has focused on developing and encouraging employee talent through coaching and mentoring, negotiating with employees and their labor associations, and improving school district operations and student outcomes through hiring, retaining, developing, and evaluating employees.

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Meeting Schedule

EventDateDayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationRoom
START01/10/2024Wednesday------Online (Access Begins)---
OL-LEC01/10/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-ACT01/17/2024Wednesday------On-line class---
OL-LEC01/24/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-LEC01/31/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-LEC02/07/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-ACT02/14/2024Wednesday------On-line class---
OL-LEC02/21/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-LEC02/28/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-LEC03/06/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
OL-LEC03/13/2024Wednesday6:30 PM9:20 PMZoom---
END03/17/2024Sunday------Online (Access Ends)---