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Healthcare Data Acquisition and Management

Course Description

Data and analytics professionals are continually rethinking ways to achieve meaningful data acquisition and management of data that can address the rapid increase in demand and complexity of data. This course will focus on healthcare data acquisition and management including balancing, collecting, and connecting to modern data management solutions. The course will begin by addressing the more traditional forms of data management followed by the collection and management of metadata. Topics include the processes used to describe, organize, integrate, share, and govern data in the healthcare operational and analytics framework. The course will introduce participants to new framework and trends in modern data management used in multi cloud settings with service-oriented architecture principles, API integration, edge computing and the overall governance of data for healthcare settings.

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  • January 17, 2022 to March 13, 2022
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  • Quarter: WINTER 2022


Shaju Puthussery holds a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from Boston College and advanced master’s certificate in software programing from Boston University and currently serves as the Chief Analytics Officer for DentaQuest. With over two decades of high technology, customer facing expertise and proven track record of large-scale enterprise, leading diverse teams, providing innovative solutions and partnering with cross-functional groups in a highly agile deployment environment, he works closely with the business teams in developing predictive and risk analytics and analyzing process, customers and networks to increase retention and reduce cost. Shaju held several senior level leadership positions as a transformational leader as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Analytics Officer and co-founder of his own technology firm. His expertise relates to technology, products and engineering and applying data and analytics strategies to operations, IT, finance and customer experience platforms to fuel corporate growth and improved margin. He resolves disconnects between business and technology and has leveraged technology solutions to significantly improve both top line revenue and profitability for both business partners and clients. He is a frequent speaker at data analytics groups and serves as an industry adviser in analytics and technology to various industry boards and health care forums.

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Book - ISBN: 9781634622172
P. Aiken, T. Harbour, 1 ed, Technics Publications

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