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Advanced Visualization

An elective course in the Data Science Certificate Program

Course Description

Visualization plays a fundamental role in understanding properties and relationships in data to extract insights and communicate results. Whether the analytics is descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, or proscriptive, visualization is essential throughout any analytics cycle. This course will focus on applying various methods and techniques to different stages of the analytics cycle such as during data preparation, modeling, and reporting. Students will learn techniques for visualizing univariate, multivariate, temporal, text-based, hierarchical, and network/graph-based data both in ad hoc analysis as well as in automated generation.

Required prerequisites: I&C SCI X427.05 Fundamentals of Data Science.

NOTE: This course may use live sessions via Zoom. While students are highly encouraged to attend, all sessions are optional and will be recorded. A device with audio and visual will be needed to participate. The following student guide provides additional resources/information on how to use and access your courses Zoom sessions.

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  • Details
  • $820
  • Reg#: 00270
  • ID/Units: I&C SCI X427.18  (2.50)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: SPRING 2022