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Survey of Personal Financial Planning

A required course in the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program.

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Course Description

Learn the fundamental principles of comprehensive personal financial planning. The concepts of cash flow, college funding, insurance, taxation, investment analysis, employment benefits, retirement, estate planning, industry regulations, professional standards, the business cycle and monetary and fiscal policies will be explored.

Early registration recommended. The HP-12C or HP-10BII calculator is required. Required prerequisite: MGMT X433.20, Principles of Financial Analysis or equivalent experience, which may be taken concurrently with the Survey of Personal Financial Planning. Essential background: A functional knowledge of mathematical techniques for financial decision-making and some basic concepts of economics. This course is required to sit for the CFP Examination. See enrollment confirmation for login information to access the course curriculum online.

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  • $710
  • January 04, 2021 to March 28, 2021
  • Delivery Mode: Remote
  • Reg#: 00122
  • ID/Units: MGMT X433  (4.00)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: WINTER 2021


Delia Fernandez, CFP®, M.B.A., is the principal of Fernandez Financial Advisory. She is an investment advisor with California Department of Corporations and has more than 14 years experience running her own fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm. She is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and serves on the Board of the Orange County Chapter of the FPA.

Textbook Information

Textbooks for your course may be purchased from any vendor or bookseller of your choice.

Required Textbook(s):

Book - ISBN: 9781946711649
Dalton, 6 ed, Money Education

Meeting Schedule

EventDateDayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationRoom
START01/04/2021Monday------Online (Access Begins)---
OL-LEC01/06/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC01/13/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC01/20/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC01/27/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC02/03/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC02/10/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC02/17/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC02/24/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC03/03/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC03/10/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC03/17/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC03/24/2021Wednesday6:30 PM9:30 PMZoom---
END03/28/2021Sunday------Online (Access Ends)---