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Sales Management I

Course Description

Sales Management One provides students a step-by-step opportunity to learn the array of skills needed to build a comprehensive sales plan for a small, mid-size, or large company in a competitive market. Aspiring sales managers, current sales managers, and entrepreneurs will build or expand their business management skills through detailed case study simulations and role play assignments. Students will research and develop a go-to-market strategy for a company with a compelling problem or opportunity; study territory design and select structures appropriate for the specific case; define a best-practice staffing plan and the particular sales roles needed to meet revenue goals; learn CRM technology hands-on, as well as techniques for assuring its adoption by sales teams; practice communicating expectations and critical feedback effectively; and define the optimum compensation plan(s) for meeting goals. All of these components will come together in the main course deliverable--a capstone project and verbal presentation of the sales plan recommendation. A brief online pre-course survey will help students and instructors determine the appropriate case study for each individual’s learning objectives and career aspirations. A link to this survey will be sent to students a week prior to the course start date.

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  • $810
  • Reg#: 00234
  • ID/Units: MGMT X462.97  (4.50)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: SUMMER 2021