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Embedded Systems Design Using ARM Technology

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Course Description

Increase your understanding of how system-on-chip (SoC) and microprocessors are designed and used in embedded systems development. Learn about the 16/32-bit embedded RISC processor ARM architecture and discover its wide applicability in embedded applications. Concepts and methodologies employed in designing a SoC based around a microprocessor core are thoroughly discussed. Practical hands-on lab exercises based on the ARM instruction set are used to reinforce the concepts learned. Architectural support for high-level languages, systems development, operating systems, and a survey of ARM processor cores are discussed. A commercial ARM evaluation kit is used to demonstrate cost sensitive embedded applications.

Prerequisite: EECS X497.32, Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Design and Programming, or equivalent experience. NOTE: Students are required to get kit EKK-LM3S811. Students may purchase the EKK-LM3S811 Evaluation Kit from the Digi-Key website at See enrollment confirmation for login information.

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  • $745
  • April 12, 2021 to June 20, 2021
  • Delivery Mode: Online
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  • ID/Units: EECS X497.39  (3.00)
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  • Quarter: SPRING 2021


Dipu Ghosh, MSEE, MBA, is the founder of VidyaConnect, an educational services firm. He teaches computer technologies such as ARM, DSP and C. He has been teaching at UCI Division of Continuing Education since 2005 and UCLA Extension since 2016. Previously, he taught at Marquette University, WCTC, GE and the University of Rochester. When teaching online, Mr. Ghosh expects a level of interaction comparable to in-class instruction. Each week includes a presentation, a lab and an online forum where students collaborate with each other to learn the technology and solve problems on real hardware. Mr. Ghosh is also the founder of Syprosoft Inc., a product development firm. He has been its President and Chief Engineer since 2002. He has supported clients in the areas of embedded systems design, real-time systems, image/signal processing, software development and regulatory compliance. Mr. Ghosh is also co-founder of Hepatiq Inc., a maker of diagnostic software. He has served as its CEO since 2012. The patented HEPATIQ® software provides indices of liver disease severity that predict clinical outcomes. Mr. Ghosh has an MSEE from the University of Rochester and an MBA from Marquette University. He is married with three children and enjoys biking, swimming and chess. “Engineering is all about figuring things out rather than pulling out canned solutions”, says Instructor Ghosh. “Thus I strive to help my students learn to fish rather than simply provide them fish.”

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