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Introduction to Lasers

An elective course in the Certificate Program In Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design.

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Course Description

Learn about the basic physical and engineering principles of lasers and review different types of lasers. Topics include spontaneous and induced transitions between atomic levels, absorption and amplification, optical resonators, Gaussian beams, three and four-level lasers, mode-locked and Q-switched lasers, and specific laser systems: Nd:YAG and other solid-state lasers; He-Ne, argon-ion, carbon dioxide lasers and other gas lasers; semiconductor diode lasers; and laser applications.

Prerequisite: Introductory College level Mathematics and Physics including basic calculus, complex variables and Mechanics.

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  • $725
  • April 05, 2021 to June 13, 2021
  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Reg#: 00102
  • ID/Units: EECS X493.55  (3.00)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: SPRING 2021


A. Alkan Gulses, Ph.D., is a scientist specialized on inventing new optical technologies, including innovative lasers, beam shaping and applications of holography. He has publications and patents on non-destructive optical inspection techniques, computer-generated holograms, advanced laser beam shaping techniques and lasers with intra-cavity holograms. He has both academy and industry experience, including government contracts on those technologies.

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Meeting Schedule

EventDateDayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationRoom
START04/05/2021Monday------Online (Access Begins)---
OL-LEC04/08/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/15/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/22/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/29/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/06/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/13/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/20/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/27/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC06/03/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
OL-LEC06/10/2021Thursday6:00 PM7:00 PMZoom---
END06/13/2021Sunday------Online (Access Ends)---