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Geometrical and Physical Optics

A prerequisite course in the Certificate Programs in Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design.

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Course Description

This course is an introduction to optical engineering for students entering the UCI Optics Certificate tracks. The Geometrical Optics component covers the basics of refraction and reflection, lenses and mirrors, imaging, and applications such as the design of camera lenses, telescopes, and microscopes. The Physical Optics component includes electromagnetic wave effects, covering polarization, diffraction, interferometers, and spectrometers.

Prerequisites: Differential, Integral and Vector Calculus and General Physics with Calculus

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  • $695
  • March 29, 2021 to June 06, 2021
  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Reg#: 00100
  • ID/Units: EECS X496.55  (3.00)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: SPRING 2021


Keith J. Kasunic, Ph.D., has more than 20 years of experience of developing optical, electro-optical, infrared and laser systems. He holds a Ph.D. in Optical Science from the University of Arizona, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. He has worked for and been a consultant to a number of organizations, including Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, Sandia National Labs, and Nortel Networks. He teaches at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte, Georgia Tech's SENSIAC, and at SPIE conferences.

Textbook Information

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Required Textbook(s):

Book - ISBN: 9781108428262
Frank L. Pedrotti et al.,, 3 ed, Cambridge University Press

Optional Textbook(s):

Book - ISBN: 0133977226
Eugene Hecht, 5 ed, Pearson

Meeting Schedule

EventDateDayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationRoom
START03/29/2021Monday------Online (Access Begins)---
OL-LEC03/30/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/06/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/13/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/20/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC04/27/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/04/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/11/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/18/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC05/25/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
OL-LEC06/01/2021Tuesday7:30 PM8:30 PMZoom---
END06/06/2021Sunday------Online (Access Ends)---