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NATO Crisis Management & Disaster Response Part 1

Course Description

This is Part I of the Crisis Management and Disaster Response (CMDR) course series; the two parts are sequential, and Part I must be taken before Part II. These courses provide students with a study of the CMDR field in an international context, drawing extensively on NATO resources. Part I focuses primarily on emergency management. This includes the fundamentals of NATO Crisis Management, as well as NATO’s Crisis Response System and its complementary elements, notably its Crisis Response Process, Civil Emergency Planning, and Operations Planning. This part also provides a general study of civil preparedness and resilience in a collective defense and deterrence context; this encompasses minimum standards for national resilience, NATO’s “baseline requirements” for such, and basic criteria for evaluation of resilience from all aspects in order to assess whether these have been met. This course series is applicable to a wide array of professional fields, from emergency and disaster management to governmental (e.g. military and diplomatic), inter-governmental, and non-governmental service. Additional instruction will be provided by personnel from the NATO Center of Excellence in Sofia, Bulgaria who have extensive expertise and experience in various aspects of the CMDR field.

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  • ID/Units: SOCECOL X496.1  (2.00)
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  • Quarter: FALL 2021