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Data Assets and Data Strategy

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Course Description

Data underlies all of our best efforts to evolve health care practices. Data, and lots of it, now come in many forms and from many sources. A workable data strategy has to account for the variety of data forms and sources. But more importantly, a good data strategy should bake in empathy for the sensitive nature of the data representing each individual. It’s a gray and messy area. This course is designed to give you the tools necessary to understand an organization’s strategy, identify gaps that may exist in the strategy, define the various roles that influence data strategy, and adapt health data strategies to evolving health care practices. Specific topics include emerging trends in data governance and regulation, roles of data scientist, chief information officer, chief data officer, chief analytic officer, and chief technology officer, various ways that analytic teams are organized, connecting data strategy and governance to improvement in patient outcomes, and data as the key catalyst for the transition from volume-based, episodic care to value-based, personalized care. This is the foundation for improving the delivery and outcomes of our healthcare experience.

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Gerhard Pilcher, M.S., President and CEO, Elder Research, Inc.,Gerhard enjoys predictive analytics and data mining -- especially related to the areas of Fraud Detection, Financial Risk Management, and Health Care -- working with people, leading change, and managing complex projects to timely success. His work experience spans private, government, and international sectors. Gerhard is coauthor of the popular book Mining Your Own Business, that arms executives and senior managers to make better decisions based on discoveries from their organization’s data. The book is frequently recommended as a readable introduction to data science and a useful reference for specific, daily guidance. Gerhard taught at Georgetown University as an adjunct faculty member in the Math and Statistics Master’s degree program. He has also taught the hands-on SAS Business Knowledge Series course "Data Mining: Principles and Best Practices" and is a frequent invited speaker at domestic and international conferences. Gerhard serves on the Institute for Advanced Analytics Advisory Board, and on George Washington University’s Advisory Board for the Business Analytics graduate program. He was named to the NC State Computer Science Department’s “Hall of Fame” in 2018, its inaugural year. I am qualified to teach this course because of my background in healthcare, analytics, information systems and positively engaging students in a learning environment that challenges the students (and me!) to grow our collective body of knowledge and experience. Potential students may be interested to know that I’m a poor writer, but I persistently continue to practice writing to improve my skill. I love to read and, thankfully, I’m pretty good at it. I coauthored my book as a way to express gratitude to all of the people who have or will in the future have the courage to share their knowledge through writing. As much reading as I like to do, there is a mountain of debt to cover for others’ efforts.

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Book - ISBN: 9780996712101
Jeff Deal, Gerhard Pilcher, Data Science Publishing

Book - ISBN: 9781634622172
P. Aiken, T. Harbour, 1 ed, Technics Publications

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