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Finding & Marketing Your Online "Beat"

A required course for the Specialized Studies Program for Digital Journalism.

Course Description

The last decade has seen huge transitions in the journalism world. However, much uncertainty also brings multiple opportunities for a reporter to distinguish themselves. In order to survive in an ever-evolving world, today's journalist or writer needs to have at least one area of expertise; their "beat." Various content providers, from newspaper websites to Internet giants like Yahoo, and start-ups such as Zite, are providing increased distribution for stories. This online course examines various forms an online beat can take as well as how to develop a beat, court sources, deepen your knowledge and get noticed. How do you determine what you would like to write about? Are there specific fields that are more marketable? How do you get started writing in a new field and how do you take your existing expertise in an area and turn it into a journalistic profile?

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  • $625
  • Reg#: 00167
  • ID/Units: ENGLISH X451.55  (2.00)
    ( Section 1 )
  • Quarter: Spring 2013