EECS X494.1

Introduction to Radiometry: The Propagation and Measurement of Optical Radiant Energy

An elective course in the Certificate Program in Optical Instrument Design and the Certificate Program in Optical Engineering.

This course presents the basic quantities and units of radiometry and photometry, followed by radiometric propagation laws and approximations that allow calculation of optical radiant power transferred from a source to a receiver. The equation of radiative transfer is introduced, and simplifications are presented that allow the solution of many real-world problems. The course covers source properties, blackbody radiation laws and approximations, and properties of optical materials including transmission, reflection, absorption, and emission. It also introduces detectors of optical radiant energy, figures of merit for visible and infrared systems, and radiometric calibration. We will use all these components to develop a top-level radiometric system design that you can use within your present company or a start-up business.

Approximate Cost $770
Format Online
Duration 10 Weeks
Total Credits 3


4/1/2024 - 6/9/2024
Weeks 10
Delivery Online
Fee $770
Status Closed