EDUC X406.81

American College Consulting for the International Student

This course is an introduction to advising the student living outside of the United States who is looking at American options in higher education. This course will examine how advising the international student, or American student living overseas, varies from counseling the domestic student. Sometimes even basic concepts are subject to misinterpretation, and diverse attitudes and expectations must be approached with cultural sensitivity and awareness. Cultural adjustment to the U.S. as well as campus life must also be considered for the student to be successful. In addition to understanding cultural considerations, by the end of this course, students will be able to articulate why international students would choose an American higher educational experience, be able to compare the mechanics of the international college application process with that of the more traditional domestic student, assist families to understand financial and visa matters, know how to assess and advise on options when the student is not yet academically ready for the American university experience, and defend and represent ethical practices in international consulting.

Approximate Cost TBD
Format Online
Duration TBD
Total Credits 1.5