I&C SCI X426.74

Neural Networks & Deep Learning

A required course in the Machine and Deep Learning Specialized Studies Certificate Program.

Neural Networks are capable of utilizing a wide range of data sets including unstructured data such as text, speech, images, audio and video. Talking products from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all use artificial neural networks as do Tesla’s self-driving cars. Artificial neural networks are also increasingly being used in NLU (Natural Language Understanding). This course will cover foundational concepts of neural networks and deep learning. Starting with key concepts behind Machine Learning and Deep Learning, the course will explore design, architecture, and applications of neural networks for practical applications in deep learning methods including supervised and unsupervised models. Using popular toolsets including TensorFlow and Keras, students will set up and implement scalable Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Approximate Cost $820
Format Remote
Duration 8 Weeks
Total Credits 2.5


4/22/2024 - 6/16/2024
Weeks 8
Delivery Remote
Fee $820
Status Closed


7/8/2024 - 9/1/2024
Weeks 8
Delivery Remote
Fee $820
Status Open