I&C SCI X494.97

Enterprise Business Agility

This course focuses on how Agile can scale up from the team level to an organization level. Through a deep dive into enterprise agility, learn how an organization can become more purpose-driven and responsive to industry needs and opportunities. Discuss what changes an organization needs to make to become more agile and how to navigate these changes in a positive and effective way. Discover how to design agile processes in various departments including marketing, sales, finance, operation, and how to engage in business agility. Techniques to overcome pitfalls, like handoffs and waste, will be discussed to provide best-practices for designing a system that supports high-performing, customer focused, agile teams at an enterprise level.
Prerequisite: I&C SCI X494.95 Advanced Agile w/Scrum & Kanban.

Approximate Cost TBD
Format Online
Duration TBD
Total Credits 3