MGMT X486.3

Mindfulness-Based Strategies in Business

The stress, pressures, distractions, and complexities that accompany our work and personal lives can take a toll on our minds, bodies and energy as business leaders. In this course, participants will have an opportunity to explore science-based mindfulness practices that can help them optimize well-being, performance and leadership effectiveness. The class will include a survey of current research and evidence for the positive impact mindfulness can have on six different business outcomes: work performance, team communication, decision-making, change management, innovation, and leadership. Each week, participants will have an opportunity to engage in recommended practices, small group discussions, and reflection activities. The objective is for participants to be able to build their own inner resources as well as engage in more informed discussions around the possibilities mindfulness-based strategies offer for culture change and business results.

Approximate Cost TBD
Format Online
Duration TBD
Total Credits 2