ANTHRO X497.36

Communicating Across Cultures

A required course in the Organizational Leadership & Communication certificate program and an elective course in the Human Resources Management certificate program.

This course focuses on communicating across diverse cultures in today’s complex global business world. Culture affects and is affected by the communication practices we use. As the world of work becomes more globally interconnected and culturally diverse we need to successfully communicate across cultures and effectively handle diversity. Different cultures have different meanings for verbal and nonverbal communication and negative consequences can result when those cues are misinterpreted. This course increases sensitivity to other cultures and increases awareness of our own cultural backgrounds. Students will develop the skills to deal with the challenges of intercultural communication in a variety of work contexts and apply the principles of effective intercultural communication through theoretical, ethnographical, and practical tools from the interpersonal to global level.

Approximate Cost $640
Format Online
Duration 6 Weeks
Total Credits 2


4/1/2024 - 5/12/2024
Weeks 6
Delivery Online
Fee $640
Status Closed