MISC 910.5

The Power of Lifestyle Part 1

This course is a deeper look at the Power of Lifestyle and focuses on stress management tools, resilience, relaxation and food. Learn to identify your stress level, recognize it as it’s happening and begin to understand how you can improve your reaction to stressful events. Participants will understand the relaxation response; how to achieve it, why it benefits you, how and when to use it. You will learn why healthy eating is different for each of us. Identify how to eat for your good health and how to deal with those things that habitually stop you. We will touch on some medical conditions, identify what food cravings may be telling you, emotional eating, healthy lunches on the go, and the Mediterranean approach to healthy eating.
INSTRUCTOR: Alisa Eisenberg, MFT, created The RENEW Program, the first web-based wellness program to be federally funded in a long-term clinical trial. Clinically significant results include: slowed rate of growth of Coronary Calcium with reversal in some cases, Reversed Fatty Liver, Decreased Visceral Fat, Lowered Cholesterol, Decreased Type A Behavior traits, Increased Global Health Habits, Increased Exercise habits, Decreased Depression and Anxiety, Improved Perception of Stress, Decreased pessimism, Increased Social Support, better sleep, higher levels of happiness. She has lectured at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, UC Irvine Medical School and the School of Public Health, and has been a regular guest on Sirius Radio addressing issues of stress management (Sex, Chocolate & other Creative Solutions to Stress), creativity, health and wellness. She has authored many publications, and was invited to present her research at the 2016 and 2017 World Congress of Cardiology. For more information go to www.TheRENEWprogram.net.

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