Females are now recognized as purpose-driven entrepreneurs. They are lauded for their compassion, sensitivity, and inclusion. Women in business have proven that they can win just as many times as the men. Female leaders are warriors, challenging the norm and disrupting global industries. There is universal agreement that women are faring better than men when it comes to leadership, and that begs the question—why aren’t they in charge?

Women know what it takes to completely flip the organizational model on its head to create something fresh and bake it into the fabric of the company culture from the beginning. Female leaders intuitively see us, meaning they care that we are heard, seen, respected, and valued. Women are getting ahead because their foundational style is built upon working smarter by working together.

Women leaders excel in business by putting people first. There are millions of textbooks that show how to lead though change. Very few, however, have been written that models our female leaders. With that said, women who are in leadership positions are writing the next chapter.

The truth is that many organizations have lost their paths due to financial pressures, attrition, budget constraints, layoffs, and quiet quitting. Women leaders are stepping up and creating a positive narrative thread. They are leaning into novel thinking and bringing others up with them.

Every voice matters. Female leaders pride themselves on their ability to talk with you, rather than at you. Comradery is the muscle they flex, which in turn becomes our natural state of business. Under their leadership, the hierarchy is flattened, meaning that we all can be leaders, not just followers.

Women use collective creativity, inspiration, and mindfulness to drive the common goal of moving business forward.