The Belief in DEIB Will Make Your Contribution Matter.

The expansion of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) starts with you. Our globalized society has given us the chance to benefit from a diversity of thought, experience, and ideas.

DEIB means something more today and it’s growing within corporate cultures around the world. No longer a Human Resources project, it’s now become an initiative that is weaved into the strategic plan of the organization.

DEIB is about building a workforce that represents society, to ensure that employees don’t feel like they are less than others, yet they are valued for their uniqueness.

It is the responsibility of your leadership to set the tone and communicate the benefits of DEIB to the entire organization. These efforts require buy-in and acceptance, and your role and engagement matters. This is your chance to reach across the table and collaborate with others, at all levels, and perhaps those that you have never had the chance to work with. This is what sparks change; the ability to come together and feel a part of something big.

It’s well understood that staff who understand their company’s DEIB initiatives are much happier in their jobs. They feel respected, heard, and empowered. And they are much more likely to feel like they are compensated well for what they do and know that career advancement is on the horizon.

Here are some of the benefits of embracing DEIB:

  1. It adds substance to your work. Do not look at it as yet another thing that adds to your workload. This is a journey to do more of the right things, and less of the things that don’t contribute to organizational progress.
  2. It gives you a voice and that your input and opinions are wanted, valued, and acted upon.
  3. It allows you the opportunity to rally your peers and to be seen as a role model who believes in this new way of working.
  4. It adds a whole new level of collaboration, creativity, and inspiration to your daily work.
  5. It allows you to support your leadership so that you too, behave and act like an everyday leader.

The bottom line is by embracing DEIB, you can help create an equitable workplace that promotes a positive employee experience for everyone.