Is ChatGPT Competing for My Job?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is more than hype at this point. OpenAI has become the world’s fastest growing website after its ChatGPT launch in November 2022. In just 60 days, the site reached 100 million active users. During the month of April alone, 1.8 billion people visited the site.

There is great promise with ChatGPT and the opportunity to improve the economy, create jobs, boost productivity, and grow businesses.

Yet everyone is asking “will ChatGPT replace my job?” Not to worry because the experts believe the likelihood of that is minimal and do recommend use of the technology to make work life a bit easier. Remember, ChatGPT uses data from online sources to deliver conversational responses. The technology is by no means perfect and can include responses that contradict themselves, are factually incorrect, and even plagiarized. Experts warn people to not rely solely on ChatGPT for idea generation because those ideas are happening now and aren’t forward thinking enough. In an article recently published by The Washington Post, it’s noted that ChatGPT content is “well-known” and “not novel insights.”

ChatGPT runs on human power, meaning that while it can be used to spark ideas, our brilliant ideas and our ability to solve complex business problems supersede the technology.

Instead of viewing AI as a competitor, it can be seen as a tool that can help you become more productive by having the technology handle your repetitive tasks and provide with you quick information on the fly. ChatGPT and similar AI models are not directly competing for jobs in the traditional sense. They are simply tools that can assist various tasks, including content generation and data analysis. These AI models are designed to handle specific tasks efficiently, but they are not capable of replacing the full range of skills, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking that we bring to the table.

Look at AI as an opportunity rather than a threat. Remember, machines and technology are just that, and don’t have the human capacity we have to emote, relate, understand, or ability to navigate complex situations. What is important is to learn how to use ChatGPT and how to write an effective prompt that will yield better results. The results can be a starting point but think of it as research and then make it your own.