Get Power from Uncomfortable Situations.

So you messed up big time. Maybe it’s because you botched a presentation, a pitch to the board was overruled unanimously, or you didn’t deliver on a tight (or even unreasonable) deadline. We all play the game and business as usual presents stressful, complicated, and uncomfortable situations. Anxiety, nervousness, and trepidation—it happens to the best […]

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One Hit Wonder

Don’t Become a One Hit Wonder.

One-hit wonders. They are, in some ways, part of the human experience. We love them right? I mean come on, who didn’t sing along to “Play that Funky Music,” by Wild Cherry? One-hit wonders make us smile and might represent some of our fondest entertainment memories. Just like entertainers, there are brands that literally come […]

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Listen, Learn, and Then Lead.

Leaders aren’t good because they are right. Leaders are great because they have learned to listen, inspire, and trust. They find ways to give personal attention, to build confidence, consensus, and a shared purpose. Many of us have been raised on traditional stories of leadership—those that have been handed down from generation to generation. But […]

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