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Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential

Offered jointly by the UCI School of Education and UCI Division of Continuing Education.

What is the Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential?

The Clear ASC is designed for full-time California school administrators who hold the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and now need to clear that preliminary credential by obtaining the Clear Administrative Services Credential.

The Clear Induction ASC is an individualized, job-embedded two-year program with enrollment in a program expected upon placement in an administrative position, but no later than one year from activation of the preliminary administrative services credential (CTC PSA 16-13). As required by the CTC, this primarily coaching-based program includes an individual induction plan, professional learning opportunities, and ongoing assessment.

The Clear ASC is offered jointly by UCI Division of Continuing Education and UCI School of Education and is a CTC approved Clear ASC program. As required by the CTC, in order to be eligible for Clear Induction ASC program, one must possess a valid California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and be a full-time California school administrator prior to enrollment into the program.

As a public school administrator, do I have to have the Clear ASC?

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential is valid for five years. The intent of state law is that the holder will begin work on the Clear Administrative Services Credential shortly after being hired in school administration.

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How do I apply to UCI Division of Continuing Education’s Clear Administrative Services Credential program?

You must apply and be officially admitted to the program prior to beginning coursework.

The application packet includes the following:

  • A completed application form
  • Copy of valid California teaching or service credential or credentials
  • Copy of basic skills requirement
  • Copy of valid California Preliminary Administrative Services credential
  • Official verification of employment as a full-time administrator
  • Statement of Intent
Start or Continue Your Application

For detailed information on the documents included in the application packet, visit the program’s Student Handbook. Please DO NOT include your full social security number in the application documents and submit the required documents in PDF format.

Course Schedule

You must apply and be officially admitted to the Clear Administrative Services Credential program prior to enrolling in EDUC X399A Induction. You must successfully complete the 9-month EDUC X399A Induction prior to enrolling in EDUC X399B Final Evaluation.

Required Courses

Induction (5.00 Units)
Online   to be scheduled Online
Final Evaluation (5.00 Units)
  to be scheduled to be scheduled Online

Course schedules are subject to change. Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full program.

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Academic Calendar

Event Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
Registration Begins (after 2pm PT) Jul 13 Oct 19 Jan 18 Apr 18
Courses Begin* (week of) Sep 25 Jan 8 Apr 1 Jun 24
Courses End* (week of) Dec 11 Mar 18 Jun 10 Sep 9
Administrative Holidays Nov 10, Nov 23-24, Dec 25-26, Jan 1-2 Jan 15, Feb 19 Mar 29, May 27 Jun 19, Jul 4, Sep 2

*Actual dates may vary by program.


What are the requirements to obtain the Clear ASC through UCI Division of Continuing Education?

  • Possess a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
  • Employed in a full-time administrative position throughout the entire two year program
  • At the time of recommendation, complete a minimum of two years of successful full-time employment in a private or public school in a position requiring the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (as verified by employing school or district)
  • Obtain a grade of B or better in Education X399A (Induction) and Education X399B (Final Evaluation)
  • Complete 40-60 hours of Professional Development as required by the CTC
  • Complete exit survey

How long is the program?

Two academic years which includes two required courses (EDUC X399A Induction and EDUC X399B Final Evaluation). Each required course is nine months long.

How much does the program cost?

Each course is $3,200, making the cost of tuition $6,400. There are two application fees which you pay for after you complete your coursework and when you are applying for the credential (a $127.50 application fee to UCI and a $102.65 application fee to the CTC). Please note fees are subject to change.

How do I enroll in the Clear ASC Program?

  • Enroll in Education X399A through UCI Division of Continuing Education after you have been officially admitted to the credential program
  • Once you have completed Education X399A and received a letter grade, enroll in Education X399B through UCI Division of Continuing Education

Following completion of the courses, what next steps are involved?

Submit an application packet to the Credential Analyst at the UCI School of Education. You will need the following documents and materials to process the Clear ASC recommendation:

  • One official sealed transcript (available through UCI Division of Continuing Education) reflecting your grades in Education X399A and Education X399B
  • Completed credential application (download from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website)
  • Official verification of at least two years of successful employment as a school administrator
  • Copy of your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential if not submitted at the time of admissions
  • A valid credit or debit card will be necessary to make payment directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing via CTC website (You will receive email instructions after your application has been submitted by the credential analyst.)
  • A $127.50 application fee to UC Regents. UCI charges $127.50 for processing the credential recommendation. This fee is in additionto the $102.65 fee paid to the CTC.

Once all required documents are submitted and the credential analyst has processed your credential recommendation with the CTC, you will receive an email requesting payment from the CTC. For more detailed directions on how to pay for your credential after UCI has recommended you, go to Quick tips-How to Complete Your Online Recommendation. After payment is received and the CTC completes your application process, you will receive a second email confirming the payment for your credential. You can use this email as verification for your district that your credential is being processed. Recommendations completed online are normally processed within 10 working days and posted to the CTC website. Employers and education agencies seeking proof that a document has been granted by the Commission may use the “Search for an Educator” button on the CTC website and key in the SS# and DOB of the person whom they wish to verify to view the electronically displayed information for the official record.

Advisory Committee

  • Susan Belenardo, Superintendent (retired), La Habra City SD
  • Liane Brouillette, Associate Professor, UCI School of Education
  • Rene Cardona, Coordinator, Los Angeles County Office of Education
  • Mario Carlos, Superintendent, La Habra City SD
  • Monica Colunga, Principal, Irvine Unified School District
  • Chad Hammitt, Assistant Superintendent, Fullerton SD
  • David Lim, Credential Analyst and Counselor, UCI School of Education
  • Tim Reece, Principal (retired), Capistrano USD
  • Susan Toma-Berge, Interim Director of Teacher Education, UCI School of Education
  • Matthew Witmer, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, Walnut Valley USD

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English Proficiency Requirement
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