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DCE Magazine

Summer 2022

International Alumni Insights: Perspectives & Advice for Prospective Students

Laureen Oldham

Laureen Oldham, France

ACP Digital Marketing

Why did you choose to enroll in the Accelerated Certificate Program in Digital Marketing & Communications (ACP DMC)?

I wanted to learn more about this particular subject. I believe it is crucial for every marketer to understand the digital era we are living in. In addition to the academic aspect of it, I wanted to learn marketing from an American perspective.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the program?

I really appreciated the time teachers were willing to give us to ask questions, interact with them and discuss class subjects or other matters. The courses were very qualitative. I learned a lot and I use that knowledge on a day-to-day basis.

What were the benefits to studying remotely?

Time! I had a lot of time to study, and because of this, when I didn’t really understand something or wanted to delve into the subject more deeply because I was passionate about it, I had time for discussions with other students and our instructors. I also really appreciated the fact that I could attend class anywhere in the world and wasn’t stuck in one place during the whole quarter.

How has the skills and knowledge you gained in the program supported your undergraduate studies?

I learned the basics of marketing and this program helped me understand those baselines but on a deeper level and from another perspective. Meaning that I graduated with more knowledge, more confidence, and a different way of seeing marketing and communications.

Any advice for prospective students who are considering studying at UCI DCE?

Engage as much as possible with teachers, students, and the UCI staff. It is a great way to enhance your experience and take full benefit from it. Participate in activities as much as you can, connect with people, ask questions, and share your knowledge and experience! Everyone will benefit from it!

Eduardo Motta

Eduardo Motta, Brazil

ACP Project Management, ACP International Finance

Why did you choose to study at UCI Division of Continuing Education?

Well, before I chose to enroll at UCI DCE, I completed rigorous research on some of the best universities in the U.S. and EU, but what caught my attention was the program opportunities. I was able to enroll in two Accelerated Certificate Programs (ACPs), one in International Finance and one in Project Management and participate in an Internship Experience. This 9-month pathway also allowed me to apply for OPT, so I could work legally in the U.S. for up to one year in the area in which I studied, in this case, Project Management.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in ACP Project Management?

The opportunity to apply what I learned on a daily basis brought me the most joy. The opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who have excellent professional knowledge was a plus. As a Project Manager, leading cross-functional teams and sharing classes and assignments with students from all over the world gave me the confidence to perform global function technologies in any program or project.

What skills and knowledge did you gain from the program and Internship Experience, and how did these impact your career?

The Internship Experience showed me how to apply in-depth disciplinary knowledge contributing to the development of new techniques, and the improvement of process and workflow for IT and business in LATAM and the U.S. For example, I was able to lead, plan, execute, and track projects with analytical thinking and wisdom. I have now successfully managed programs and projects in finance, banking, and other industries, earning the distinction as a local expert who can interface with business and technology teams coordinating PMO, architecture, infrastructure, application engineering, SMEs, quality and production assurance teams world-wide to support project delivery and operations from C-levels to local LOBs.

You’ve been an active student ambassador for UCI DCE, communicating with prospective students and telling them about your experience. Can you tell us why you continue to give back in this way and what your connection to UCI means to you?

I believe that little acts can change the world! As an active student ambassador for UCI DCE, I have a chance to help people all over the world to choose their paths, changing their destinies for the better by improving their skills in the same way that I have changed mine.

You have a network of friends that you made while you studied at UCI. Can you tell us about some of those friendships and how they have enriched your life personally and/or professionally?

I have made some good friends from Brazil, China, Deutschland, France, Japan, Spain, U.S., and much more! UCI gave me the opportunity to meet all these people. Most importantly, this bond still exists today! All the connections I made during my time at UCI DCE enriches my ability to network by sharing professional experiences and opening my mind to what is happening in their countries.