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  • Sam Girgis

Summer 2022

In the Words of a Graduate: Sam W. Girgis, Human Resources Management

Why did you choose UCI Division of Continuing Education’s HR Management certificate?

As I was looking to expand my knowledge in several areas related to business management and human resources, I chose the HR Management certificate because of its strong name, which is not only marketable to the employer but rigorous and creates a strong atmosphere of critical thinking, collaboration, and learning.

I truly recommend UCI Continuing Education due to the strong alumni network and the ability it provides the student to build more tools to apply to the workplace. Human Resources is a very diverse field that is not only in high demand in the workplace but relies on practical application, not just theory. The program gave me these tools and allowed me to expand upon my understanding of business, both from a soft and hard skills perspective.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the program?

The aspects I enjoyed most were the group projects and the ability to collaborate with the diverse student body, which allowed for a strong alumni connection and the opportunity to build long-term business relationships on LinkedIn. The applications of the group projects were not only beneficial to learning and applying in the workplace, but also strong building blocks for the graduate program I went on to complete at Azusa Pacific University in Organizational Development. I was able, based on the network I built at UCI, to leverage those contacts and build connections to help others get jobs and help me in the business that I ran.

What was your favorite course in the program, and why?

Although I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and the Foundations of Management course was one of the best I’ve ever taken due to its focus on people development, organizational behavior, and even managerial accounting and analysis of systems, my favorite course was a tie between Compensation and Rewards Systems and Talent Acquisition, Management and Retention. In my experience, both are equally vital.

The compensation course tied in statistics, finance and even economic concepts with benefit reward systems that are extremely important to the world of HR and finance. This allowed for the ability to utilize quantitative and qualitative methods of research. The talent acquisition course was equally as important due to the nature of recruiting, a fundamental area in HR.

There were plenty of other courses in the program that were exceptional, such as Introduction to Employee Benefits and Leading Successful Organizational Change, but those two courses stood out to me the most in terms of application and educational enjoyment.

What impact did earning your HR Management certificate have on your career?

The program has made a huge impact, both from an academic perspective and career standpoint. First, I was able to connect with my fellow peers and all course instructors on LinkedIn. This allowed me to not only find positions but to help others to do the same, and I developed a strong connection by which I have gained credible mentorship.

From an academic perspective, it allowed me to apply management and HR concepts in my graduate work and narrow down my area of focus and concentration. From a career standpoint, I was able to utilize my recruiting, training, and people development skills in the positions I’ve had since finishing my program.

UCI Continuing Education’s HR Management certificate not only helps students land positions in the workplace, but it also expands their knowledge and understanding of the great field of human resources.

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