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Work and Learn in an Exotic Locale

Spring 2021

DCE Corporate Education teamed with Remote Year to offer an international experience for its Global Leadership program.

Sam Pessin

“Our Remotes are working while they travel, so we make it as seamless as possible by organizing things every step of the way…” Sam Pessin, Co-Founder and CEO of Remote Year

Call it the ultimate working vacation, a way to travel the world, explore different cultures and not lose a day on the job. After all, if we must work remotely, it might as well be in an exotic locale like Mexico City, Kyoto, Cape Town or Valencia, Spain, with all amenities booked and provided. Or why not make it all the above and keep the trip going for months?

Remote Year has been making it happen for workforces worldwide for years and their renewed mission is to be the most trusted platform for remote working and learning globally. Soon, the Remote Year experience and Global Leadership Specialized Studies program will be available for UCI DCE corporate enterprise partners. It’s a concept that trades in home offices for international live-and-work adventures, providing private accommodations and all travel arrangements, with full access to remote work facilities, often for cohorts of employees from the same company.

Participants, called Remotes, join a community of like-minded professionals and travel for one, four or 12 months, spending each month in a different city. Aside from working and living in the most inspirational places around the globe, they have plenty of opportunities to sightsee and explore diverse cultures, providing a unique global perspective, life-changing experiences, relationships, memories, and growth.

“Remote Year is an end-to-end hospitality platform,” said Sam Pessin, co-founder and CEO of Remote Year. “Our Remotes are working while they travel, so we make it as seamless as possible by organizing things every step of the way throughout the experience so they can focus on their work, their global experience, and their community. We curate incredible experiences that are included in each program, and provide a menu of additional and optional experiences for our Remotes in each city, as well.”

The program – which operates in 12 cities in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia – had been paused due to pandemic travel restrictions. When relaunched this spring, it will take steps to ensure strict global health and safety protocols will be in place and that there are more flexible program options.

“We have programs that focus on specific countries or regions, and other programs that go to all four regions,” Pessin said. “We have tons of couples that join Remote Year together, and in fact we charge less for couples that share a bedroom throughout the experience. We don’t yet support families with children but intend to in the near future.”

Global Leadership Training

With business becoming more globalized, embracing today’s multicultural, multigenerational and geographically-dispersed workforce is more essential than ever. Remote Year aims to provide business leaders with the international perspective needed to succeed, working abroad surrounded by coworkers and other diverse, driven professionals from all over the world.

It’s a great way for companies to enable their employees to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that enhances their development as future leaders, Pessin said.

“Remote Year provides a way for companies to use a remote workforce to their advantage. We believe there’s a huge opportunity for Remote Year to be a low-cost, high-value partner for companies that are now partially or fully remote.”

By teaming with DCE Corporate Education and Global Partnerships, Remote Year allows participants to work and learn abroad while developing the leadership skills most in-demand today. The Global Leadership program features four flexible, interactive core courses: Leading Across Cultures, Leading Strategy, Leading Innovation, and Leading Self, offered in formats ranging from one to four months.

Corporate partners can opt for the full program, target individual courses, or customize the program to best suit their organization’s needs and goals. Remote Year also facilitates customized corporate retreats.

“We are proud to bring this unique opportunity to Remote Year’s professionals,” said Lindsay Doherty, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement and Partnerships. “Traveler-learners will find the coursework in the Global Leadership Specialized Studies program ideal for developing the skills they will need to lead in a global environment. The curriculum will also be a great complement as they embark on a hands-on cultural and community experience with their professional companions from all over the world.”

Remotes aren’t the only ones reaping the rewards of this partnership; corporate clients see the program as a platform to develop and retain a core of future leaders, providing a powerful international experience while growing a worldwide professional network.

Offering Remote Year through DCE is the next step in its growth and evolution, Pessin said.

“Many enterprise clients have asked if we could layer on a real curriculum to further structure the development and learning,” he added. “That’s where UCI and our Global Leadership Specialized Studies program come in. We are excited to offer this incredible leadership development opportunity together to companies all around the world.”

A Trip of a Lifetime

Remote Year aims to make the experience as hassle-free as possible – all the details, reservations and logistics are taken care of beforehand, and fully equipped workspaces are available 24/7 in each city. Remotes just hop on a plane, land in their destination city, and are met at the airport by a team that provides transportation to a private residence, then back to the airport when it’s time to leave.

The idea is to live like a local and get immersed in the native culture, whether it’s a one-month trip, a four-month tour, or a year-long adventure throughout any of the Remote Year cities.

Side trips can be arranged through a one-stop marketplace that offers several local adventures. Remotes also have the opportunity to participate in community initiatives intended to make a positive impact. And traveling staff and local teams are always on call to provide services, whether it’s tending to apartment issues or finding the best local place to eat.

“Remote Year has always provided experiential learning to developing professionals and leaders,” Pessin said. “By partnering with UCI DCE, we are incredibly excited to offer a real leadership curriculum and a certificate to complement our global experience. We believe that professionals and their companies will be really interested in participating in our program.”

Learn more about the Global Leadership Program.